If A Guy Asks For Your Number Right Away In A College Setting, Is He Always Interested?

When you are in college and a guy asks for your number right away, there are good odds that he is interested.

If A Guy Asks For Your Number Right Away In A College Setting, Is He Always Interested?He liked what he saw and decided to make a bold move.

Now, temper your desires though.

It is commonplace to get carried away a bit too prematurely when this happens.

After all, this is college.

Being this bold in asking for your number right away, makes it likely that this isn’t the first time he has done this.

There are other girls in college he is probably asking too.

Who knows how many girls he has asked?

Two, three, six, twenty?

Temper your emotions for now and observe what he does henceforth.

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When he communicates with you relatively quickly, this is a good sign.

Having a few conversations with you that are fun and engrossing is another good sign.

Asking you out on a date after a few good conversations is great.

This is a progression of behavior that means the courtship is moving at a good pace and in the right direction.

Wait for this to happen before judging that he is genuinely interested in you.

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A guy who asks for your number and has several other girls he is simultaneously talking to, isn’t assured to contact you.

Were you to hear from him, it isn’t a given that the conversations are productive.

He isn’t learning much about you, fixating on talking about himself instead.

As far as dates, he dangles an offer to you but rarely follows through.

This is why you need to temper your emotions and wait to see how this guy acts before getting excited over him.

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A guy who asks for your number right away in a college setting has other reasons for doing it this quickly.

The interest is present but he didn’t want to prolong the face to face conversation.

He didn’t want to take up too much of your time and overstay his welcome.

For him, he knew that he liked you from the get go and didn’t require a full-fledged conversation with you to prove it.

He was sold on you the moment he saw you and exchanged a few words.

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It sounds a little romantic doesn’t it?

A guy who was already convinced he was interested in you without needing a full-fledged conversation or an extended period of becoming acquainted with each other.

Be warned.

The impression you left on him was cursory, being that the conversation didn’t last long.

Whatever impression he has of you isn’t guaranteed to be the right one.

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This is why, even in this scenario, you must still temper your expectations and emotions.

Once he contacts you and has an extended conversation with you, he is going to receive a much greater impression about what you are about.

There are two outcomes.

He is either further reassured that you were what he thought you were and gets increasingly excited about you.

Or, he is disappointed that the first impression he had of you wasn’t accurate, now that he has had an extended conversation with you over the phone.

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Either way, be yourself.

Best to be true to yourself so that he is privy to the right information about you.

This is how you stave off wasting both your time and his.

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