I Broke Up With My Boyfriend, And I’m Really Unsure Of What To Do Now

In breaking up with your boyfriend, you must come to terms with the reasons why you did it.

I Broke Up With My Boyfriend, And I'm Really Unsure Of What To Do NowIt is easy to get caught up in doubt and worry.

This is all normal and tends to happen to most people in your situation.

You wonder whether you did the right thing.

You fear that you have made the wrong decision and wonder whether you will find someone like your boyfriend and love again.

You broke up with your boyfriend believing that it was the best thing to do.

Your emotional needs weren’t being met, or you thought that there was no future in the relationship.

You realize that you weren’t truly in love with your boyfriend, and more so in love with the prospect of what it would be like if you had him as a boyfriend.

There are a multitude of reasons why you decided to break up with your boyfriend.

Do remember and accept them.

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Since you are unsure of what to do now, turn that into focusing on building an exciting and multifaceted life.

There is so much to life than merely sitting around wondering whether you made the right decision in breaking up with your boyfriend or whether your boyfriend feels bad for breaking up with you.

What are you passionate about?

What do you want to do in life?

What are you curious about learning?

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This is your opportunity to engage in all or some of that.

Expand your horizons and learning.

The more engaged you are in different activities, the less likely you keep thinking about your breakup.

You won’t be so mentally distracted by your breakup, as you would be preoccupied with building your life and infusing it with new energy.

Now, you really need to be very sure and cautious of what you do at this stage.

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Oftentimes, when someone breaks up, they feel the need to remain attached to that person by constantly checking to see what that person is doing on social media, or where they are hanging out, or who they are hanging out with.

The more involved you are in this other person’s life, the less likely you are to move forward.

This becomes a major problem, keeping you stuck on your ex-boyfriend.

You have broken up with him but you haven’t really allowed yourself to move on.

This is something very common that you really have to be aware of.

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You don’t realize you are doing it.

You don’t realize that you keep checking on him, watching what he is doing on social media or which new girl he is talking to.

In doing this, you never move forward with your life.

You stay in limbo and uncertainty.

This isn’t the best course of action for you.

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Move forward and engage.

Make your life fun and full.

This enables you to move forward so that you are no longer unsure of what to do.

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