Should I Definitely Dump Him If He Is Still Actively Using Online Dating Sites And Messaging Women After 2 Months Of Dating?

An agreement to be in an exclusive relationship means that he isn’t permitted to be actively messaging women on online dating sites.

Should I Definitely Dump Him If He Is Still Actively Using Online Dating Sites And Messaging Women After 2 Months Of Dating?After 2 months of dating, his persistence in doing this indicates he doesn’t take his relationship with you seriously.

A partner who disregards an exclusive relationship this blatantly, deserves to be dumped.

He needn’t be messaging other women on online dating sites.

That isn’t honoring your relationship.

Having a dating profile up and available for the world to see is uncalled for.

This is a guy who doesn’t have good character.

Without trust in a relationship, it doesn’t thrive.

Your job as his girlfriend isn’t to be his watchdog.

Once it has been agreed that you are exclusively dating, that is supposed to be enough.

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To think that you have to worry about what he is doing on online dating sites where he has live dating profiles on display is asinine.

Your boyfriend isn’t trustworthy.

With this approach to an exclusive relationship, he isn’t showing any sense of morals.

Online dating sites are so pervasive, there is no guarantee that taking down his dating profile on one dating site eradicates the probability he has active dating profiles on other dating sites.

Hard to trust a man like this.

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It isn’t worth the drama.

Dump him.

Notwithstanding, think back to how this exclusive relationship set about.

Was it discussed and agreed upon by the two parties involved?

Sometimes, people get the notion that they are in an exclusive relationship with someone without having a conversation with the supposed partner about it.

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Never do this.

Never assume that you are in an exclusive relationship without talking about it first.

No matter how much you have shared with this person, don’t assume that you are in an exclusive relationship.

When it comes to online dating, people are looking to meet matches.

It isn’t unusual for a person to be dating multiple people at the same time over several months.

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Online dating provides a multitude of matches and people take advantage of them.

Without ever having a definitive conversation about the status of the relationship, you leave yourself vulnerable to spending several months of emotional investment on a guy who isn’t exclusively committed to you.

Dumping him is your prerogative, even in this scenario.

But you need to use this as a lesson.

The next person you connect with on an online dating site has to know where you stand when you are ready to be exclusive.

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Have that conversation.

Along these lines, you don’t end up wasting precious time dating a guy for months, to find out he is still messaging women on online dating sites.

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