Should You Make Small Talk Before Asking A Girl Out On A Second Date?

Should You Make Small Talk Before Asking A Girl Out On A Second Date?

You don’t have to make small talk before asking a girl out on a second date.

Asking her out on a second date without small talk works fine.

Feeling nervous or anxious about asking her out on a second date, is to your detriment.

You have already been on a first date with her.

As long as she had a good time at the first date, she is expecting you to ask her out on a second date.

She is anticipating it.

Small talk is great and you need to be having regular conversations with her regardless, but it isn’t a prerequisite to ask her out on a second date.

Ask her out on a second date intentionally and unambiguously.

A girl likes it when a guy is assertive.

She likes it when he has no fear about going for what he wants.

When you ask her out without pretense, she is fully aware of your intentions.

This is an indication to her that you had fun on the first date, and you are serious about seeing her again.

Relying on small talk to embolden you doesn’t work in your favor in every instance.

This much dependence on small talk demands that it goes well, so as to feel confident enough to ask her out on a second date.

In your head, you are playing it over and over.

You are hoping that she is enthusiastic as you talk to her, and that she is lively and extemporaneous.

What happens when she isn’t enthusiastic?

People have bad days.

Since you are placing so much weight on having small talk before asking her out on a second date, you are going to be discouraged when she isn’t responding to you with optimism, thanks to not having a good day.

What do you do now?

You push it back.

Enthusiasm is lost, on account of how unhappy she is.

Now you are thinking about doing this again, when she is in a better mood.

Before you know it, you have made multiple attempts at small talk and she hasn’t been as enthusiastic as you were hoping for.

People have bad stretches, where life happens and they are having bad days.

The longer you delay in asking her out on a second date, the greater the odds she loses interest.

When you finally decide to ask her out, after having had a better conversation where she was in a better mood some time later, she is suddenly hesitant.

There is something called momentum when you are dating.

For most guys, there is a window of time where a girl’s interest is at a high.

With too much time in-between dates, a girl’s interest level wanes.

For some girls, going longer than a week without a new date is too much and their interest level falters.

Although some agree to go on it, they aren’t always fully present.

Her mind is on the date, and on the other guy who asked her out while she was waiting on you to ask her out on a second date.

This is something you must understand.

Women have plenty of men chasing them.

When you hesitate in asking them out, they open themselves up to going out with other guys.

The momentum is lost with her and it’s a struggle to get her to regain that interest.

Many never regain it.

Has this scared you?


Quit hoping for small talk that inspires you to ask her out on a second date.

Ask her out directly.

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