A Crush At A Supermarket

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A Crush At A Supermarket

If you have a crush who works at a supermarket, you should let them know how you feel about them.

Your best option would be to meet this crush outside of their work environment to do this.

Do you talk to them often?

Do they have an idea of who you are?

If this is someone that you tend to talk to when you are at the Supermarket, you have already established a rapport with them.

This will make it a lot easier for you to ask them what their schedule is the next time you see them at the Supermarket.

If you notice that they have a lunchtime opening, ask them to do lunch.

This is a direct and very effective approach.

It gets them out of their work environment.

Once they are outside of their work environment, they would be a lot more willing to open up.

From here, you can gauge whether there is any romantic interest or chemistry.

If this is a person that you haven’t built any rapport with at the Supermarket, start doing so the next time you see them.

Ask your crush some questions about certain products at the Supermarket and compliment them about their knowledge.

Kindly ask them if they have a brand recommendation for a particular product that you are looking for, being that they are the expert.

Take their recommendation.

The next time you see them at the Supermarket, tell them how good their recommendation was.

Be very thankful to them for giving you a such a good recommendation.

Tell them a little bit of a story about how you used the product.

Get specific with certain details.

You are beginning to paint a picture to them about a part of your life that they aren’t aware of.

If your friend or pet are part of the story, mention them.

Just personalize the story.

As you do this, your crush will feel more compelled to ask you questions.

At some point, your crush may even start relating to the story you are telling them by describing a similar incident that happened to them when they first used the product.

This is rapport building.

Ensure that you use your crush’s first name several times as you talk to them.

Disclose your name as well.

This makes your conversation feel a lot more personal and meaningful.

There is a good chance that the next time your crush sees you, they will remember you.

You won’t be just another customer.

Your crush may even address you by name.

There will be more discussions had.

You will notice that the conversations will become a lot more personal in nature.

Since you have built some rapport with your crush, you could ask your crush about what they thought about the football game on Sunday night.

They will tell you.

You may even get into details about what you thought about certain calls during the game.

Talking about sports is a great way to establish a strong connection with a guy.

If this person that you like at the Supermarket is a girl, you could talk about something that references pop culture instead.

It could be a new piece of music by a particular artist that just came out.

You may ask her if she has heard it yet.

These are all methods by which you build rapport with this crush at the Supermarket.

Once that rapport is established, it will be a lot easier for you to ask them what their schedule is and find out of they are free for lunch.

From here, you may be find yourself connecting with this person romantically at lunch or at least making a new friend.

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