What To Do When You Have A Crush At A Supermarket You Regularly Go To

Is this a crush you talk to regularly as you go about doing your shopping at the supermarket?

What To Do When You Have A Crush At A Supermarket You Regularly Go ToA crush who knows who you are and has established rapport with you over time at a supermarket, is predisposed to liking you.

Given that rapport is already established with this crush, the next time you see them at the supermarket, ask to meet them for lunch during their lunchtime.

The key is to orchestrate a meeting outside of their workplace.

Once they are outside of their work environment, they are ready to open up to you that much more.

From here, you gauge whether there is any romantic interest or mutual chemistry.

A crush at a supermarket that you have rarely talked to or never talked to, calls for a strategy where you build rapport with them.

Over the next few weeks, when you are at the supermarket, ask your crush for their advice on products, and compliment them on their knowledge.

Ask for their recommendation on a product you are looking to purchase.

Whether it be a product to use inside the house or outside of it.

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Thank them for their recommendation.

The next time you see your crush at the supermarket, tell them about your experience with their recommendation.

Give them a story around what you experienced with the product that they recommended.

Get specific with details.

Paint a vivid picture to them about your experience.

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Throw in a friend, a pet, a part of town that you live in, a hobby, etc., as you describe your experience with the product.

Personalize the story.

As you do this, your crush is compelled to ask you questions, in reference to what you are describing.

Don’t be surprised when some of the questions don’t relate to the product.

Once you mentioned your dog’s name, your crush connects with the newly acquired knowledge that you own a dog.

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Your crush owns a dog too and reveals its name, as they follow that up with asking you about the breed of your dog.

There is some talk about the product, but it’s a mishmash of talk about the product, and references to personal details you included in your story.

When you mentioned a part of town you live in, your crush felt a connection, given that they live close to that area.

All of a sudden, you are talking about the amazing Chinese restaurant that inhabits an area between where you two live, that you two frequent and adore, never having run into each other.

You never know what your crush connects with.

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As long as you throw in as much personal details as is relevant in your recounting of your experience with the recommended product, you give yourself several openings to create a connection with your crush.

The conversation bounces back and forth between talk about the personal details you revealed and the product your crush recommended.

As you talk to your crush, use their first name several times.

Disclose your name too, fairly early into the conversation.

This makes the conversation personal and meaningful to your crush.

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They aren’t just another supermarket employee to you, as you address them by name multiple times as you talk to them.

Don’t overstay your welcome.

Let them get back to work in good time.

Remember details that they shared with you in terms of their own life.

This is information you are going to use in future conversations with your crush.

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Bringing up information you learned about them in future conversations at the supermarket is impressive to your crush.

It demonstrates that you were paying attention to them.

It makes them pay attention to you too.

One day, you arrive at the supermarket and they are calling out to you to greet you.

You have established rapport with your crush when they are calling out your name and you sense the excitement in their voice to chat with you.

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Once you have established rapport, topics you two discuss range from pop culture to current events to who won the lottery over the weekend.

The conversation is fluid and relaxed.

Once you have arrived here in the relationship, ask them to lunch.

With this much rapport built up, the odds that your crush says yes to your offer is strong.

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