What Does It Mean When A Guy Says That He Doesn’t Like To Be Pressured?

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What Does It Mean When A Guy Says That He Doesn't Like To Be Pressured?

He may say that he doesn’t like to be pressured because he is not quite ready to take the relationship to the next level.

He may feel like things are moving a little too fast for his liking.

It may be a guy who really likes to take things slow or allow a relationship to develop on its own without pushing it in any particular direction.

If he has been consistent with you so far in communication and going on dates, there is a good chance that he truly does like you.

However, he may not be the type to jump into something too serious too soon.

He may be willing to get to know you and date more, but isn’t willing to push things unnaturally.

Sometimes, it can be very easy to become somewhat clingy or demanding without even knowing it.

You meet a guy and you like him so much that you don’t realize that you are taking up a lot of his time and preventing him from doing other activities that he loves to do.

You essentially become stifling.

A lot of girls do this when they newly get into a relationship or meet a guy they like and they are either unaware or they simply believe that this is how it should be.

After all, we are dating right?

He should be giving me practically all of his time.

Many guys don’t like this.

It can make them feel like they no longer have an identity or a purpose.

They may feel like their entire experience is now based on making you happy and always being there.

This can cause friction in a relationship and lead to trouble.

Healthy relationships are based on individuality as much as they are based on partnerships.

Oftentimes, you can misconstrue the fact that you are in a relationship to mean that the both of you have to do everything together or have to include each other in all future plans.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The longest lasting and healthiest relationships are those where both partners allow each other their space to grow as individuals.

You need time away from each other.

You need time to reflect on yourself and where you want to go in life individually.

What are your individual goals? What would you like to learn in life?

Your individuality doesn’t end because you have met someone you care about.

If anything, this is when your individuality should run wild.

The more you show that you have a dynamic and interesting personality, the more your partner will be drawn to you.

Hence, if this guy has been kind to you so far and everything has been going relatively smoothly, let him have his space to grow. Allow him to be him.

Remember the qualities in him that you liked so much when you first met him?

His personality, sense of style, humor, friends and hobbies.

These were all qualities that made him an individual.

If you let him be an individual, he won’t feel pressured.

The less he feels pressured, the more likely you will gain even more of his emotional support because he will appreciate your sense of independence.

That would only bode well for your relationship as a whole.

It also helps in opening him up eventually.

The more he feels that he isn’t being pressured, the more he would want to open up.

At this point, he knows that you aren’t trying to get him to do or say something that he isn’t ready to and hence he starts feeling more comfortable around you.

With more comfort comes more trust.

With more trust comes his willingness to start opening up to you more.

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