Should You Be Intimidated By Your Boyfriend’s Sexy Female Best Friend?

You shouldn’t be intimidated by your boyfriend’s sexy female best friend, as this creates superficiality.

Should You Be Intimidated By Your Boyfriend's Sexy Female Best Friend?This is where you question your own attractiveness.

Contemplating whether your boyfriend wants to be with you as opposed to his sexy female best friend, unduly influences your mind.

Your boyfriend has given you no reason to think like this.

Don’t create something that isn’t there.

Being intimidated by your boyfriend’s sexy female friend incites jealousy or clinginess on your part.

In moments where your boyfriend happens to be talking to his sexy female best friend, you are persistently poking your nose into their conversation so as to listen to what they are talking about.

This obsession further entices you into being with your boyfriend whenever he is going to be around his sexy female friend, just so that you prevent anything flirty or worse from happening between them.

Social media is no different.

Monitoring how your boyfriend is with his sexy female best friend on social media is an everyday activity for you.

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The obsession with their relationship is a substantial part of how you think and what you do.

You are clingy and jealous.

This shows that you don’t trust your boyfriend.

A boyfriend who believes you don’t trust him isn’t happy.

Coming off as though you are an insecure girlfriend who is watching her boyfriend like a hawk, you are a nightmare of a girlfriend.

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No guy wants this.

A negative shadow has been cast on your relationship when there is no reason.

Concentrate on your boyfriend and the relationship that you have with him.

This is what you need to care about the most and work to improve each and every day.

Treat your relationship with respect and dignity.

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Obsessive behavior sucks the life out of a relationship over time.

Inevitably, you are now mimicking your boyfriend’s sexy best friend, to gain further approval from a boyfriend that never asked for this behavior.

Dressing like her, talking like her, and walking like her, doesn’t make you her.

The intent is that your boyfriend regards you as sexier and hotter than his sexy female best friend.

It’s a competition that isn’t warranted, being that your boyfriend’s sexy female best friend isn’t competing with you.

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The moment you act like this is a competition, you are losing a grip of what your relationship needs.

It is no longer about you and your boyfriend.

You have made it about you and his sexy female best friend.

This is where your boyfriend feels like he no longer knows who he is dating.

Unfortunately, this leads to disorientation that finally results in a breakup.

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By your own hand, you have instigated a breakup based on your obsession with his sexy female best friend.

Do everything in your power to avoid being intimidated by your boyfriend’s sexy female best friend.

Fixating on her, removes the attention you need to have on developing a healthy relationship with your boyfriend.

Once this happens, your relationship is going to be strained and ends soon.

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