How To Cope With Jealousy

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How To Cope With Jealousy

As human beings, we get jealous by virtue of wanting something we don’t have.

Coping with it calls for a clear comprehension of what human beings crave.

We crave attention, love, happiness, acknowledgment, etc., and often seek these from other people.

As long as we rely on other people to facilitate experiencing these feelings, we are susceptible to jealousy.

Jealousy is a powerful emotion.

A jealous person’s mentality is steeped in a perception of lacking.

A lack of attention, love, happiness, acknowledgment, etc.

This pattern of thinking is overwhelming, having the effect of triggering jealousy within you.

It’s so overwhelming, you lack the motivation to do anything significant with your life, as you are so caught up in your jealous emotions.

Study what part of your life you believe to be lacking.

Where there is a lack of attention, love, happiness, acknowledgement, etc., give these to yourself.

Giving these to yourself without depending on someone else to give them to you, sets you free from the bonds of jealousy.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines jealousy as, “An unhappy or angry feeling of wanting to have what someone else has.”

Determine what it is exactly that you want that you believe you don’t have.

Know that whatever it is, you are capable of attaining it independently when you apply yourself daily.

When you are desiring someone you don’t have, it is that actual feeling of desire that is fomenting your jealousy and not the actual person of desire.

It is the emotion that you are feeling that is causing it.

You have to figure out what that emotion is and satisfy it through other means.

A lack of love in your life requires that you do things in your life that you love.

Unearth a new passion in life and inundate yourself in it.

From here, new passions arise and you go after those too.

Whether it is a passion for sport, dance, travel, etc., experience the love that comes from doing what you are passionate about.

This is how new friends enter your life too.

As you fill your life with these new people and new adventures, you are simultaneously filling your life with love.

It isn’t the love of an intimate partner, but it is love nonetheless, and it positively affects your whole being.

You won’t lack love in your life, when you fill it with passionate activities and new friends.

The love you experience here, permeates into everything you do and how you think in your daily life.

When you empower yourself to attain what is lacking in your life, whether it be attention, love, happiness, acknowledgment, etc., you stop being jealous.

Jealousy is redundant when you are meeting your own emotional needs through independent action.

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