Would It Be Wrong To Ask My Boyfriend To Cut Off His Female Friends?

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Would It Be Wrong To Ask My Boyfriend To Cut Off His Female Friends?

It would be wrong.

Telling your boyfriend to cut off his female friends would be controlling.

Even if he were to acquiesce because he cares about you so much and is more concerned about losing you than anything else, there will come a time when he will most likely detest you.

If you reach a point where he detests you, there may be no coming back from it, even if you tell him that it is alright for him to reconnect with his female friends again.

The damage would have already been done.

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Hence, regardless of how much power you feel you have over your boyfriend at this time, you should think twice about asking him to cut off his female friends.

This is how controlling behavior starts to flourish in a relationship.

You may start with asking him to cut off his female friends and he proceeds to do it.

However, not too long after this, you may come up with something else that you want him to either stop doing or start doing.

Again, this may be something that he naturally wouldn’t want to stop or start doing but he does so because you have asked him to.

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Every time that you get him to do something like this, you are robbing him more and more of his personality and individuality.

The more he agrees to these requests, the more empowered you will feel.

You will get really drunk with this power and continue making more and more requests of him.

You may reach a point where you don’t really have a viable partner but a puppet.

Your respect for him will falter and wane the more control that you have over him.

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Any respect that he may have had for you at the start of your relationship with him has now given way to fear and resentment.

It would only be a matter of time before this relationship becomes incredibly miserable for the both of you to be in.

Is this what you want?

Of course not.

More than likely, you care about your boyfriend and want to have a healthy, viable relationship with him.

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If you are currently thinking about asking your boyfriend to cut off his female friends, it may be because you feel like he spends too much time interacting with them.

Perhaps you have noticed that he is always texting them or is constantly following everything that they do on social media.

It is okay to feel uneasy about this.

This is especially true if you have noticed that he is spending a lot more time interacting with his female friends than he is interacting with you.

He may be so used to interacting with his female friends that he isn’t even aware that something like this would bother you.

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He may truly have no idea that what he is doing is having this kind of effect on you.

Perhaps you are his first serious girlfriend.

Perhaps the girlfriends that he has had in the past didn’t mind this kind of behavior.

Hence, he behaves this way obliviously.

This problem may be able to be resolved by simply having an honest conversation with him about how this kind of behavior makes you feel.

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If he truly cares about you and the relationship, he will cut back on this kind of behavior.

This should be your first approach.

Give him a chance to correct his behavior.

This way, you avoid taking this relationship down a much darker path.

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