How Do I Come Back From Being Too Clingy?

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How Do I Come Back From Being Too Clingy?

To come back from being too clingy, develop a strong sense of self-worth and independence.

Figure out what makes you happy and passionate.

What interests do you have?

What are you invariably contemplating, outside of romance of course.

The goal is to pursue a passion or desired goal.

When you center your mind around a particular goal, constant thoughts of clinginess are eliminated.

Your life is independent.

It isn’t tied to anyone else’s.

There is no universal law that states that unless you are with a particular person, you have no value or worth.

This has to stop.

This is where developing a sense of adventure and intention works in your favor.

You have to find that task that uses your mind, intellect, time and body.

What are you passionate about?

What do you wish to learn?

The potentialities are endless when you open your mind to them.

How about taking on a sport, learning a new language, working on a new business venture or dusting off your pen and pad and working on that novel you have been itching to write?

Find something that you care about so that you stick with it.

When you do anything for the sake of doing something, it doesn’t last.

This is a waste of your time.

Something else that works is to come to the realization that whoever this is, has flaws, like any other human being does.

Yes, they are human too.

After all, no one is flawless.

They have insecurities they are hiding or embellishing too.

When you realize that this person does have flaws like anyone else, it stops you from putting them on such a high pedestal.

You see right through the veil of deception.

Yes, they have wonderful character traits but they are quick to anger or rudeness too.

The point is, there is no perfect human being.

When you come to the realization that this person is on your level and flawed, they no longer feel like the second coming.

Look at this person’s flaws like you do your own.

They are there and they are real.

This is where you embrace the reality that your sense of value or worth isn’t predicated on who you are with.

It is predicated on what you do independently with your life.

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