How Do I Come Back From Being Too Clingy?

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How Do I Come Back From Being Too Clingy?

In order to come back from being too clingy, you have to start developing a strong sense of self-worth and independence.

You should really try to figure out what makes you happy and passionate.

What interests do you have?

If you can’t think of anything, come up with something or just figure out what makes you curious.

What do you find yourself thinking about often?

Outside of romance of course.

The goal is for you to start something in your life that can become either a passion or a desired goal.

When you begin to center your mind around a particular goal, it takes it away from constant thoughts of clinginess.

Your life is independent.

It isn’t tied to anyone else’s.

There is no universal law that states that unless you are with a particular person, you have no value or worth.

This is partly your problem.

You only see yourself as being valuable or worthwhile when you are thinking or with this other person that you cling to.

This has to stop.

This is where developing a sense of adventure and intention becomes so important.

You will have to find that task that will use your mind, intellect, time and body.

Again, what are you passionate about?

What would you like to learn?

The possibilities are truly endless if you open your mind to them.

You could get into a particular type of sport.

You could start learning a new language.

You could start working on that mini-business that you have been holding off.

You could dust off your pen and pad and start making notes again for that book you have been wanting to write.

There are so many possibilities.

What is most important is that you find something that you will stick with.

It should be something that you truly care about.

If you just try anything just for the sake of doing something, it will not last.

This doesn’t help you.

So, you really do need to take the time to come up with what you would like to try.

Also, another way that you can come back from being clingy is to be cognizant of the fact that whoever it is that you tend to be clingy with, does have flaws.

They really do.

Yes, they are human too.

After all, no one is flawless.

They may have insecurities that they are hiding or trying to embellish in some way.

When you realize that this person does have flaws just like anyone else, it stops you from putting them on such a high pedestal.

It allows you to start seeing right through the veil of deception.

Yes, they have wonderful character traits but they may also be quick to anger or even be rude.

The point is, there is no perfect human being.

You will not cling to something that you see as being on your level.

You will see them as flawed, just as you are. Hence, you would mentally accept the fact that this person is not the second coming.

You should look at this person’s flaws like you do your own.

They are there and they are real.

You then understand that your sense of value or worth isn’t predicated on who you are with.

It is predicated on what you do with your life that helps you grow as a person, independent from anyone else.

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