He Doesn’t Text Or Call Me A Lot?

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He Doesn't Text Or Call Me A Lot?

When he doesn’t text or call you often, he is not truly interested in you.

You are not his priority and you may never be.

When a guy likes a girl, he will want to hear from her and talk to her.

He would want to know how her day went and how she is doing.

He would want to learn more about her.

If he doesn’t text or call you often, he is not showing interest in wanting to know more about you or have new experiences with you.

With this in mind, you do need to consider what you regard as the right amount of texting and calling.

Do you believe that you should be texted and called by the guy multiple times a day?

You have to understand that this may not be what he regards as a normal and healthy level of communication.

He may believe that texting or calling you once a day is enough for now.

This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like you.

He may just believe that this amount is enough.

This may be what he is used to.

You may believe that only hearing from him once a day isn’t enough.

You begin to wonder if there is true interest on his part.

It is common to want to hear from him multiple times a day because you like him so much.

However, do understand that he may not want to do that at this time.

He may want to savor every moment that he texts or calls you.

He may want to have enough time to start missing you.

If he were to text or call you multiple times a day, he may never have the opportunity to miss you.

It would become too mundane to chat with you.

He may even feel like he has run out of things to talk about.

There is nothing wrong with him wanting to keep the communication at a moderate level for now.

A part of him may want to even text or call more but he doesn’t want to overdo it.

This is why you shouldn’t be too judgmental about not hearing from him as much as you would like at this time.

As long as he is being consistent with texting and calling you, his interest is still there.

The quality of your conversations are also important.

It is a lot better when you hear from him less than you may want but always have in-depth conversations with him than to hear from him multiple times a day through vacuous and meaningless texts or calls.

More in-depth conversations mean that he really cares about getting to know you.

Though you may not be hearing from him multiple times a day, he is still showing strong romantic interest in you.

If he only texts or calls you once a week, he is not truly interested in you.

By doing this, he isn’t putting the necessary effort required in getting to know you or interact with you.

This is a guy who may be stringing you along just so that he has options.

This clearly puts you in a vulnerable position emotionally if you were to fall for it.

He may have other girls that he is talking to that have priority over you.

This would be a guy you should let go of.

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