Is It A Good Idea Or Bad Idea To Tell Him How I Feel?

It is a good idea to tell him how you feel, as this puts your confusion and uncertainty to rest.

Is It A Good Idea Or Bad Idea To Tell Him How I Feel?This is what moves you forward, regardless of what he says in response.

I know that it is scary to do this.

You feel like you don’t want to put yourself out there and make yourself vulnerable.

Jeopardizing the relationship you have with him right now, were you to tell him, assails your thoughts.

The truth is, you have to get this done.

The longer you wait, the harder it is to do.

Unless you let him know how you feel, you won’t know whether he feels likewise.

Someone has to make the first step and be bold.

This is how relationships happen.

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Someone takes a risk in opening up and becoming vulnerable.

You have to take that step and do what needs to be done.

Were you to continue hiding your feelings, thinking about how he feels about you persists.

Assumptions about how he feels are made.

On days where he is playful and overly sweet, you erroneously assume that he must feel how you do, when in truth he doesn’t.

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This completely messes with your emotions.

The sooner you know where you stand, the better.

Telling him how you feel doesn’t mean that you jeopardize your friendship with him.

Thus far, you have been good friends, and this won’t change upon telling him how you feel about him.

A history of friendship has laid a foundation of camaraderie between you.

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As long as you two value your friendship, telling him how you feel doesn’t negatively affect it.

Telling him how you feel brings this out in the open, so that there is no further hiding of romantic emotions.

Worrying about or misinterpreting something he said or did, as far as its romantic connotations, is no longer a factor.

Nothing is being hidden anymore.

Telling him how you feel about him makes you go about your life with a burdensome weight off of your shoulders.

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Once you have received his response, there is no need to go on contemplating how he feels.

You are free mentally and emotionally.

This is so much better than being in the dark, fretting over whether he feels the same romantic emotions you do.

Once this is cleared up, there is room to breathe and move forward with your life.

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