When You Are Having A Great Time With A Boy, Why Does He Turn Cold And Distant The Next Day?

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When You Are Having A Great Time With A Boy, Why Does He Turn Cold And Distant The Next Day?

Even though you believe that he was having a great time with you, he may not have.

It can be very easy to believe that you are having the same experience as someone else.

They seem to be having a good time after all.

However, this isn’t always the case.

You could have a great time with someone but the feeling wasn’t mutual.

They may have been active and fun but it doesn’t mean that they were really enjoying it.

Some boys may act this way just so that the moment isn’t awkward.

They may not want to have to be the one that’s a bore on the date.

They go along with it because they believe that this would be the easiest way to get through the date.

Hence, don’t assume that just because you had a great time with this boy that he felt the same.

The reason why he may have turned cold and distant to you the next day may be because he doesn’t want to keep up the act.

He may have already faked it the other day.

He acted like he had a great time.

However, he just doesn’t want to keep acting as though everything is alright and fun.

He may just want to be his true self.

He may have also turned cold and distant because he knows that he doesn’t want to get himself in a situation where you may want to hang out again.

He may not want to put himself through that.

He knows that if he acted like he is really into you, you may set an expectation as to when you would want to meet up again.

Hence, he may want to discourage you from asking.

On the flip side, he may have actually had a great time with you but turns cold and distant because he wants you to chase him.

In essence, he knows that if he acts cold and distant, you will have questions.

You will question why he is acting this way.

You would begin to doubt your standing in the relationship.

You would begin to want his approval and his attention.

The less of that kind and charming persona he gives you, the more you want it.

When he is cold and distant, you want him to become the opposite.

You want him to say sweet words to you or smile at you.

You want him to give you some of his time and praise.

The more cold and distant he is, the more you crave all of this.

He would be in the power position.

He knows that he can manipulate your emotions by simply acting this way.

So, he continues to do so.

He may have done this in the past with other girls and it worked.

He wants to feel like he is the one in control.

He knows that the more you worry about this, the more you will do everything you can to win his approval.

This allows him to essentially take this relationship in whichever direction that he chooses to.

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