Could A Kind And Pleasant Woman Lose A Guy’s Interest By Trying Too Hard To Date Him?

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Could A Kind And Pleasant Woman Lose A Guy's Interest By Trying Too Hard To Date Him?

It is possible for a guy to lose interest in you because you were trying too hard to date him.

Oftentimes, regardless of how kind and pleasant of a woman you may be, the guy may lose interest because he worries that you are desperate.

When a guy worries that you are desperate, he can easily start creating very negative scenarios in his mind about what it would be like to date you.

He may worry that you would be too needy or clingy if he were to date you.

He may worry that you would want to know where he is at all times of the day.

He may worry that you would not have a life and would simply want to hang out with him all the time.

These are the kind of thoughts that can easily creep into a guy’s mind when a woman tries too hard to date him.

Even though you may be a kind and pleasant woman, the guy is not necessarily going to be swayed by this.

If anything, he may worry that your kindness and pleasantness is just an act.

He worries that if he were to start dating you, you may eventually become someone that you have not been showing yourself to be.

In essence, he may worry that your kindness and pleasantness may be all an act in the hopes that you can get him to like you.

This kind of worry can easily make a guy lose interest in a woman.

It is never a good idea to try too hard to date a guy.

Again, it just makes you come off as desperate and as someone who doesn’t have a life of their own.

If you feel that you were trying too hard with a guy in order to get him to date you, you should ask yourself why.

It is important to do some self-introspection so as to determine why you have been trying too hard.

Perhaps you feel lonely and it has been a while since you were in a relationship.

In a situation like this, you can curb that loneliness by expanding your network of friends and trying to be more sociable.

Perhaps you have never truly been in a good relationship and you feel that this guy is the one that would finally give you that experience.

Perhaps you were worried that if you didn’t try your hardest to get him to date you, you would lose him to someone else.

As a result, you put out all of the effort to get him to date you.

Even if you have never been in a particularly good relationship, that doesn’t mean that this guy would be able to give you that experience.

Do you actually know what his dating history is?

You most likely don’t.

Even if you had some idea about it, you wouldn’t really know what he was like as a boyfriend.

Try not to assume that he would be a good boyfriend simply because you have enjoyed your interaction with him.

On the contrary, he may be an even worse relationship prospect than your previous partners.

The lesson to learn is to avoid making a judgment about how great of a partner someone would be until you have given them an opportunity to prove themselves to you.

When all you care about is getting this guy to date you, you will never have this opportunity because he will lose interest in you too soon.

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