Is There Something I Am Doing Wrong That Makes Him Insecure Or Is The Problem With Him?

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Is There Something I Am Doing Wrong That Makes Him Insecure Or Is The Problem With Him?

You may be doing something wrong that makes him insecure if you are always trying to appease him or do too much in the relationship.

Some people who get into relationships can become overbearing.

They will do all they can to make their partner feel good as though it were their mission.

The truth is, when people are so concerned about making their partner feel good, they forget about themselves.

Your partner may become insecure because they simply don’t know how to handle the amount of attention that you are giving them.

They will begin to wonder if they are worth all of this and may even feel the pressure to become more than what they truly are.

The expectations suddenly become a factor.

Your partner starts wondering about how much exactly you expect of them.

If you are giving them this much attention, you must be expecting much out of them.

This can make them insecure because they begin to worry that they simply can’t meet those expectations.

They become fearful and to some extent may even become abrasive.

When you notice their abrasiveness, your natural response may be to try even harder to make them know just how much they mean to you.

By doing this, the situation is further exacerbated because you are giving them more of what they are actually reacting against.

This becomes a continuous cycle that only gets worse.

To prevent this from happening, you should realize your value in the relationship.

A relationship goes both ways.

For it to work, both partners must genuinely care about meeting each other’s needs equally.

This is something that has to be done in a way that is sincere and true.

If you approach your relationship in this way, you will find less insecurity or abrasiveness on his part and find more collaboration.

There is indeed danger in giving too much.

An equal amount of give and take is essential in building a relationship that doesn’t fall prey to insecurity.

Be conscious of this.

This is a relationship after all.

A successful relationship cannot happen if all of the giving is coming from one end.

He has to start meeting you half way and you shouldn’t give in to the belief that by just doing a little bit more, he will come around.

That would only lead to you giving more and more and getting not much in return because he will take all that giving for granted.

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