I Told Her I Like Her And Care About Her And Nothing Has Happened?

I Told Her I Like Her And Care About Her And Nothing Has Happened?

Nothing may have happened because she doesn’t feel the same way about you.

I know it can be hard to accept this.

This is not a reality that is welcoming.

It can be really hard to accept the fact that someone you care for like this could feel nothing for you.

However, you can’t make someone like you.

You can’t make someone feel something for you that is simply not there.

That isn’t how healthy relationships work.

You have to understand and accept this.

You have let her know how you feel and that is all you can do.

You did the right thing in telling her how you feel.

The onus was on her to respond in kind.

She hasn’t.

By so doing, she has shown you that she doesn’t feel the same way you do.

I know it is hard to accept this but you have to.

Once you accept this, it is easier for you to move on.

Guys will sometimes hold on to hope.

They tell themselves that this girl will come around.

They tell themselves that she will come to like them as long as she gets to know them for a little bit longer.

Unfortunately, the girl rarely comes around.

She knows what she feels and can’t force herself to feel something that simply isn’t there.

If you were to continue holding on to this hope, you would miss out on other opportunities to get to know other girls who could end up actually caring for you.

You have the power to stop the despair.

A good way to do this is to realize that there are other girls out there.

She is not the only girl in your world.

There are many more out there.

Start getting to know these girls so that they can see how great of a guy you are.

Start meeting new people so that you can expand your network of friends.

This will give you even more opportunities to meet new girls.

I know that you may not want to do this.

You may not want to meet new girls at this time.

You may tell yourself that all you want is this particular girl.

You may tell yourself that life would be so grand with her.

You have imagined what it would be like. You have visualized the most perfect days with wonderful sunlight and hugs.

Everything is so perfect in this imaginary world.

However, you do need to consider something.

You honestly don’t really know how it would have been if you truly dated her.

She may not have been the perfect date.

You may have ultimately discovered that she has a harsh temper and is inconsiderate.

You may have even ultimately discovered that she is selfish.

In other words, the world that you have created in your head would be totally different from the real life experience of dating her.

You have to strongly consider this.

As human beings, we tend to create the perfect utopia about something we want in our minds.

However, the reality is normally a lot different.

You are better off accepting the fact that she doesn’t feel the same way you do and move on with your life.

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