Just Landed A Date With My Dream Girl And I’m Terrified

Just Landed A Date With My Dream Girl And I'm TerrifiedIf you have just landed a date with your dream girl and you are terrified, you have to temper your emotions and the way you look at her.

Though she may be your dream girl, she is still human.

As human beings, we all have elements that we are not that particularly proud of or that we feel that we can work on.

She is the same way.

She is fallible and prone to mistakes just like any other human being.

You absolutely need to understand this.

When you start looking at this girl as your dream girl who can do no wrong, you will put her on a pedestal that you shouldn’t be and will consequently make yourself terrified.

You have got to bring her back down to earth in your mind.

Understand that the main reason why you have put this girl in the category of being your dream girl is because you have created fantasies about her in your mind.

You have created the perfect utopia of who you believe this girl to be in your mind.

You have created the perfect dates in your mind.

You have created the perfect scenarios where she can do no wrong in your mind.

This is what the human mind does when it gets really excited about someone.

This is what you must be cognizant of and temper.

The moment you come back to reality and realize that she is a girl that has flaws just like any other human being is the moment you stop being terrified.

You realize that she is just as human as anyone else.

You really have to come to terms with this before you go on your date.

If you don’t, you may feel the need to be someone that you may not be at the date because you are trying to match up to what you believe she wants in a guy.

You may start agreeing with everything she says even if you have a different opinion.

You may make up or exaggerate stories about yourself because you believe that it would impress her.

You may speak in a manner that is unusual to you because you want her to believe that you are more exciting than you really are.

You may present yourself as someone who really isn’t the real you just because you are trying to match up to the dream that you have created.

You can’t be this way.

When you are terrified, you may even come off as a person that lacks confidence.

She may get the sense that you are putting her on a pedestal and this can actually turn her off.

A girl likes a guy who is assertive and willing to speak his mind.

If everything that came out of your mouth was a compliment to her beauty or an agreement to what she just said, she may not see you as much of a challenge.

This makes her lose interest because she knows that she can have you that easily.

You shouldn’t be this way.

In order to have the best chance at having a successful date, you need to get rid of the notion that she is your dream girl who can do no wrong.

She is a girl that you like, that is for certain.

However, she is not infallible.

Once you make her human in your mind, you are no longer terrified.

You can go to the date as yourself and let the chips fall where they may.

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