What Does She Feel?

What Does She Feel?

She may like you.

She may also not like you.

You really have to assess how she has been behaving.

She may be acting in a way that makes you believe that she has feelings for you.

But then, you may become doubtful because there may be days when she acts in the completely opposite way.

On those days, she may act cold towards you by being really abrupt in her responses with you.

She may ignore you and act as though she just wants to get away from you.

She may turn away from you when you are both in the same space or do everything she can to avoid eye contact with you.

She may even go out of her way to act very kindly and social to other people within the vicinity but then avoid treating you the same way.

Then she changes again.

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She acts a lot nicer to you.

She smiles at you.

She may even give you hugs or hold your hand from time to time.

She may give you compliments.

She may keep telling you that she wants to hang out.

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She may even flirt with you.

These are the moments where you are so elated by her.

These are the moments where you feel as though she has connected to you.

You are happy in these moments and all you want to do is just make these moments last forever.

She just seems like such a wonderful person in these moments.

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These moments make you become that much more emotionally attached to her.

You start thinking about her a lot more.

You start imagining what it would be like to be with her as her boyfriend.

You may even start telling yourself that it is time to ask her out on an official date.

However, in the back of your mind, you remember the times that she has been cold to you.

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You remember how sad and upset those moments made you feel.

You may then worry that if you were to get too caught up in how good you feel about her right now and ask her out, she just may reject you.

So you stop yourself from asking her out.

Well, the best way you can get passed these games is indeed to ask her out.

If you have been experiencing the kinds of behaviors I just described, she may be playing a game with you or she may just be a narcissist.

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If you want to end your doubts about how she feels about you, asking her out will do that.

There are some girls who like to play hard to get but still like the guy.

Sometimes these girls don’t quite know how to rein themselves in when they are playing the game and they take it too far.

This could be the situation that you are in with her.

Then on the other hand, as I mentioned earlier, she could be a narcissist who just loves the control and attention she experiences when she acts this way towards someone.

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To end the drama and doubt, you are better off asking her out.

This way, if she doesn’t give you a definitive yes, you can move on.

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