Are There Good And Mature Men Out There?

Are There Good And Mature Men Out There?

There are good and mature men out there.

You are constantly looking in the wrong places to find men.

A habit of going to the same places to meet men, requires that you change it up.

If you only tend to date men that your friends or family hook you up with, you need to change that up as well.

This could be what your problem is.

When you keep playing it safe, you keep getting back what you always do.

In your case, it would be bad men who are immature.

Figure out what you truly want in a man right now.

You must understand this and have a clear picture.

Now, ask yourself if these are the sort of men that you have been dating.

You notice that though there is a certain kind of man that you say you want to date, you tend to end up dating the complete opposite.

Perhaps you tend to do this because you get inveigled by their charm.

Perhaps you do this because you get desperate and believe that you cannot do any better.

Perhaps you do this because you jump into relationships too quickly without giving yourself enough time to really get to know these men.

Perhaps you do this because you overlook their obvious bad qualities and only focus on how good they make you feel at that moment.

These are all very viable reasons.

You should really consider them.

You would be surprised at how often a person would describe who they would love to date but almost always ends up dating someone completely different.

They do this time and time again hoping that each time will be better.

However, this is a pointless hope because they keep ending up with the same kind of guy.

Where there are important qualities that you look for in a man, be true to those.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t consider other qualities and be open to them.

It primarily means that you know what you want and are willing to be patient until you get it.

Again, you can still be open to other qualities that you haven’t considered but you shouldn’t abandon everything.

You shouldn’t just throw out those qualities that you look for because you are desperate to land a partner.

You shouldn’t just ignore all those qualities because you have been charmed by a very good talker.

You shouldn’t just ignore all those important qualities because you don’t believe that you can ever find someone who has them.

Don’t throw them all out.

You can keep some and open yourself to some others but don’t throw them all out.

You would be continuously settling if you do.

When all you seem to be dating are bad men who lack maturity, that is what you will continue to get.

Good men who are mature are everywhere.

You should start allowing yourself the opportunity to get approached by these men.

Stop only relying on your social circle or family to introduce you to potential mates.

Use your body language.

Try to make more eye contact with men and smile.

This makes you a lot more approachable to them.

These new men that approach are the good and mature men that you have been longing.


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