How To Kiss A Girl

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How To Kiss A Girl

Try to be as natural as you can when you kiss a girl.

Many guys try to force it and this is a massive mistake.

When you force the kissing, you will make it feel very rushed, wooden and embarrassingly uncomfortable.

You may make the girl feel awkward.

Just try to relax.

I know that you may be nervous.

You may really want to impress this girl and show her that you know what you are doing.

You may really be nervous about letting her see any inexperience on your part.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what could lead you to ruin the kiss.

You need to take the pressure off yourself.

Imagine that you are as light as a feather.

There is nothing holding you down.

You blow as the wind takes you.

That is what you do with this kiss.

You kiss lightly on the lips and simply allow the kiss to take you where it chooses to.

You will sense her body language and the way she is responding to the kiss.

Your body language will also start to mirror what she is doing.

If she leans in further to the kiss, you will naturally do the same.

If she touches you as you kiss, you would naturally do the same.

You are both reacting naturally to the moment.

There is nothing forced and there is no pressure.

You are both within your element.

When you kiss in this fashion, you will have a great kiss.

A great kiss is something that is real and authentic.

It simply happens the way it should because both parties allow it to.

If you were to begin forcing your response, it just doesn’t work.

Your body language wouldn’t be in tune with her own.

This means that the kiss is completely out of sync and disconnected.

It almost feels like you are two complete strangers kissing.

There is no real connection there.

If you need to feel more of a connection as you kiss, you can touch her cheek lightly.

That sense of touch can create comfort.

When she feels your light touch on her face, she may feel safe and secure.

This may allow her to simply get lost in the moment and let the kiss take her wherever it chooses to.

Remember that she may also be nervous about this kiss.

Kissing her lightly on the lips may give her some relief from her anxiety.

When she feels like this is just soft and straightforward, she may loosen up.

She may allow her body language to start matching with your own.

She may touch your face, hair or wrap her hands around your shoulders.

She is lost in the moment and simply letting it happen.

She is allowing her body language to flow freely.

This is when you have kissed her the right way.

Even if you have very little experience kissing or never have, focus on soft, easy and unforced.

Let the kiss guide you as opposed to you guiding the kiss.

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