Can This Relationship Last?

Can This Relationship Last?

The relationship can last when you are willing to understand that relationships take work.

You have to be willing to understand that relationships will have ups and downs.

They are unpredictable at times.

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship.

There will be problems that arise as time goes on.

You have to be willing to tackle these problems with a level head.

There should be a willingness to accept each other’s shortcomings.

This is the area that so many couples fail.

They expect the perfect partner and relationship.

They truly make themselves believe that their partner will always be cognizant of their needs and meet them.

They put a lot of onus on mere emotion as opposed to the importance of taking action.

In other words, they will look at the emotion of love and surmise that this is enough.

Well, it isn’t.

Love isn’t enough to make a relationship last.

There is so much more at work here.

You have to be willing to see each other as teammates.

You will make mistakes as you go along but as long as you are willing to pick each other up like good teammates do, you will be able to get through even the most trying of times.

When you look at the complexities of a relationship with clarity and realism, you will have the best chance of helping your relationship last.

You can’t ever take your partner for granted.

Don’t make the mistake that so many couples do.

It’s part of human nature to become comfortable in a relationship after a certain amount of time has passed.

Unfortunately, becoming comfortable in this case would mean that you are neglecting your partner’s needs and this is not good for a relationship.

You can’t stop doing what you know your partner loves just because you have them.

Let your partner see that they are still important to you and that it is still important to you to make them feel special.

Don’t let up on the romance, humor and sense of adventure.

Also, keep up with your physical appearance and maintaining a good body weight.

You have to continue doing these things.

It sends the message that you are the same person that your partner fell in love with and you aren’t becoming complacent in the relationship.

The little things can make all the difference.

Don’t forget to let your partner know how much you love them.

Don’t forget to compliment your partner even when they aren’t looking their best.

Don’t forget to get your partner their little guilty pleasure from time to time so that they know you still remember.

Make it a point to surprise your partner from time to time.

It could be a spontaneous trip somewhere or a special gift.

It could be a surprise celebration of the mere fact that you are in a relationship with someone you truly value.

You see, a relationship takes work.

Consistent actions and words can have a very profound effect.

When you are willing to put in the work that is necessary, your relationship may last for a very long time.

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