How To Introduce The Kissing Topic To A Girl That Never Did It

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How To Introduce The Kissing Topic To A Girl That Never Did It

You don’t have to introduce the kissing topic to a girl that never did it.

Kissing typically happens naturally and in the flow of the moment.

The key here is not to allow yourself to become so caught up in the kissing aspect of your relationship with this girl that you forget to work on the relationship.

This is a mistake that many make.

You become so concerned with kissing this girl that you forget to show her your unique personality.

You forget to show her a good time.

You forget to build rapport with her.

You see, doing these things consistently is what will actually get you to the point of kissing her in a natural way.

We all have to start somewhere.

Even the most prolific kissers in the world started with a first kiss.

The key is to allow that first kiss to happen for her when the time is right.

If you allow this, the kiss may actually happen at a time you least expected.

You may get her in the right mood and she decides to take that step herself and initiate the kiss.

To get to this point where the kiss simply feels natural and right, you have to continue building rapport with her.

The more rapport you build with her, the more comfortable she will be around you.

This is key.

She has to really feel relaxed around you.

You have to get her to the point where she may even initiate cuddling just so that she is close to you.

Then be patient.

The kiss will happen. Guaranteed. You just have to allow it to unfold at the right time.

So, what are the key points?

You should be patient.

You should focus on building rapport in the relationship.

This is done by talking to her about what she loves and being invested in her interests.

When she gets the sense that you are invested in her interests, it allows her to open up to you even more.

She will start telling you about things that she wouldn’t tell just anyone, not even her closest friends.

This is where you are building trust with her.

She may even eventually open up to you about the fact that she has never kissed.

This is her letting you know that she is beginning to feel more and more at ease with you.

If she were to begin to reveal her shortcomings to you, you shouldn’t judge her for them.

You avoid reacting in a negative way.

In fact, you really shouldn’t belabor the issue.

If she chooses to continue talking about them from time to time, let her.

However, avoid trying to judge or analyze.

She is not necessarily looking for you to add your opinion in those moments, she is merely sharing.

As time goes on, she will feel more at ease with you.

She will reveal more about herself.

One day, the both of you may simply be hanging out and all of a sudden she decides to kiss you.

It may take you by surprise but if this moment happens, you should try to take it easy.

Avoid diving right into a deep kiss, allow the kiss to be what it is at that moment.


Yes, the first kiss may indeed feel awkward but most first kisses are.

Just allow the moment to happen and don’t judge her if the kiss wasn’t particularly good. If anything, praise her, let her feel good about what she just did.

This will allow her to be more open to kissing you again. The more she kisses you, the better the kisses will get.

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