How To Introduce The Kissing Topic To A Girl That Never Did It

You don’t have to introduce the kissing topic to a girl that never did it, as this is overly redundant.

How To Introduce The Kissing Topic To A Girl That Never Did ItKissing happens naturally and in the flow of the moment.

The key here is to avoid getting so caught up in the aspect of kissing this girl that you neglect wooing her properly.

You are so concerned with kissing this girl, showing her your unique personality is forgotten.

She isn’t shown a good time and you bungle building rapport with her.

Being persistent in wooing her properly is what leads to an unforced, natural kiss with her at the appropriate time.

There is a genesis for everything.

The most prolific kissers in the world had a first kiss.

The key to getting to that first kiss is in building rapport.

She is now secure and comfortable with you, putting her in the right mood for a kiss, when you least expect it.

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She has to really feel relaxed around you.

So relaxed, she surprises you by initiating cuddling, to be close to you.

Then be patient.

Once she is this comfortable, requesting cuddling, the kiss is a foregone conclusion.

It happens at the right time.

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Let’s refresh what you need to do.

Practice patience.

Focus on building rapport in the relationship by talking to her about what she loves and being invested in her interests.

When she gets the sense that you are invested in her interests, she opens up to you exponentially.

She discloses information to you about her that she doesn’t to anyone, including her closest friends.

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Don’t be surprised when she discloses that she has never kissed.

This is information she divulges only when she has come to trust a guy wholeheartedly.

When she reveals her shortcomings to you, don’t judge her for them.

Don’t react negatively or belabor her revelations.

At these moments of transparency, she isn’t looking for you to add your opinion, she is sharing.

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One day, the both of you are hanging out and all of a sudden she decides to kiss you or give you an opening to do it.

It takes you by surprise but when this moment happens, temper your emotions.

Avoid diving right into a deep kiss.


Yes, the first kiss feels awkward but most first kisses are.

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The moment happens unforced and you don’t judge her when the kiss isn’t what you were hoping for.

Instead, praise her.

This loosens her up to kissing you again.

The more she kisses you, the better the kisses get.

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