Anniversary Gifts?

Anniversary Gifts?

You could give each other anniversary gifts that are eventful.

In other words, instead of buying something tangible, you could actually have an experience together.

An experience together can be very potent and bonding.

You could make it be a joint anniversary gift that you give each other.

It could be an anniversary gift to finally go bungee jumping together.

It could be an anniversary gift to travel to some country that you both love.

It could be an anniversary gift to go exploring in the countryside.

It could be an anniversary gift that finally gets you in the ballroom to learn those dance moves.

The point is that you get to do something together that is memorable.

It becomes an event.

It becomes an experience that may stay with you forever.

So many couples tend to focus on physical gifts when they are thinking about what to get their partner for their anniversary.

They also tend to make the anniversary gift one-sided.

One partner tends to be the one who gets the lion share of gifts on the occasion.

An anniversary should have an equal intention of making both partners happy.

A physical gift also tends to lose its effect in a shorter time.

There is the initial joy of receiving it that wanes a few days or even hours later.

Having an actual experience together tends to stay with you as a couple for much longer.

The effect can be a lot more powerful than merely giving your partner a physical gift.

Think about what you would both love to do or both love talking about.

There is a passion for something that you both share.

There is something that tends to come up often when you have conversations.

It doesn’t have to be anything incredibly fancy.

An anniversary gift could be you two having fun at a pie eating contest or having a pie fight.

It could be heading out to play laser tag.

It could be learning to cook that favorite dish together.

You don’t have to follow the traditional romantic cues of having roses and chocolate and so on.

The best anniversary gift could be something that is relatively mundane but desired.

Remember that this is more about having an experience together.

It is about getting to have an experience that you may remember for the rest of your lives.

This is an experience that may stay with you and make you smile every time you think about it.

If you just want so badly to give your partner a physical gift, you could choose to capture this experience in pictures and give it to each other as a physical testament.

That will give you a physical picture to always look to and smile at.

Your anniversary should be a memorable occasion.

It is too easy to simply walk into a store and pick out a physical gift.

This can be bland and lack any real sense of nostalgia.

Having an actual experience together is an anniversary gift that can really stand the test of time.

It’s not a piece of jewelry that you can forget about in your jewelry box or a piece of clothing that has gotten lost in your jungle of a closet.

It is a visceral experience that stays in the most important and long-lasting part of you, your mind and your heart.

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