My Boyfriend Keeps Texting His Ex And This Bothers Me A Lot

Your boyfriend hasn’t gotten over his ex and this is why he keeps texting his ex.

My Boyfriend Keeps Texting His Ex And This Bothers Me A LotIn texting his ex, he appeases his desire to connect with her.

He still cares about her, even loves her.

There is be a part of him that wants her back.

She was the one that broke up the relationship.

He didn’t want to break up.

He wanted to work things out with her and get through it.

He started dating you after reluctantly accepting that his ex wasn’t interested in working things out, although he held out hope that one day she would.

He texts his ex, wanting to know if there is any hope left.

An ex that responds to his texts is encouraging to him.

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It makes him feel relieved that his ex is still maintaining contact with him.

His ex is still in essence keeping that connection alive because she is responding.

Every time his ex responds to his text he is emboldened.

He wants to text his ex again.

He wants to keep experiencing the rush of excitement that he gets whenever she responds.

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Perhaps his ex is showing him that she is still in love with him.

Perhaps his ex is showing him that there is still hope that they can get back together.

This is often what your boyfriend is going through mentally when he keeps texting his ex.

He hasn’t gotten over the relationship.

There is a part of him that still yearns for that connection with his ex.

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He is holding out hope that he will get back with his ex in the future.

You should observe his behavior whenever he is texting his ex and hearing back from her.

Does he get excited?

A guy that is really giddy or happy about it is indicating that he still cares about his ex deeply.

This kind of emotion cannot be ignored.

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A guy merely maintaining a platonic relationship with his ex wouldn’t get this excited.

He wouldn’t feel this rush of adrenaline.

Conversations with his ex that go on for hours or days shows that he has never gotten over the breakup.

If the relationship was merely platonic, the texts are shorter.

Nevertheless, the text conversations are even longer than the ones he has with you, as he is connecting with his ex on a deeper level than he is with you.

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You confront him about this and he denies it.

This is his natural self-defense mechanism.

As human beings, when we are accused of something, our natural inclination is to immediately deny it.

We do so without thinking.

We just don’t want to look like the bad guy.

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This is why he denies that there is anything going on.

Those are just words.

You have his actions to judge.

His actions speak a lot louder than his words.

You would have to figure out just how much more of this you can take.

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You shouldn’t want to end up being the one who gets dumped because your boyfriend has reconnected with his ex.

Observe your boyfriend, talk to him.

Use his actions as your guide and not his words.

This gives you greater insight into whether staying in this relationship and investing so much of your time and love is worth it.

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