Boyfriend Still Misses His Ex. Should I Call It Quits?

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Boyfriend Still Misses His Ex. Should I Call It Quits?He may still love her. He may feel like their relationship shouldn’t have ended the way it did.

If he is still emotionally invested in her, it will be next to impossible for him to be fully invested in you. He will think about his ex often.

A boyfriend who has his mind divided between you and his ex would not be fully present.

You are better off calling it quits if it feels like your boyfriend just can’t let go and has taken it as far as making moves towards reconnecting with his ex.

When your boyfriend is refusing to let his ex go, you will be essentially competing with someone from his past.

If your boyfriend misses his ex to the point where he would rather talk to her than you at times, this is a problem.

If you notice that he tends to bring his ex up a lot as a topic of conversation, this is an issue.

It is one thing to miss an ex, it is another to miss them and refuse to let them go.

This is what you have to look for first and foremost.

Just how far is he taking this?

How much does he still try to talk to her?

How much does he compare her to you?

How often is he on her social media accounts?

If he does all these things often, there is a very good chance that he hasn’t let her go in his mind.

This means that this isn’t a case of temporary nostalgia.

It is natural when a couple breaks up for one or both to miss the other initially.

They were partners for a while and did share some history.

Hence, missing each other initially makes sense.

They are experiencing nostalgia.

However, it shouldn’t become an obsession.

Your boyfriend shouldn’t be actively finding ways to keep that connection alive.

This would mean that he is taking action.

He is actually taking action to assuage that feeling of loss that he has.

Taking action is a lot different than just having a feeling of nostalgia that makes him miss an ex.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a natural reaction in many recent break ups.

However, he shouldn’t be actually taking real action to remedy his feeling of loss.

He should be letting it go.

All he is supposed to be feeling is the initial emotion of loss and nostalgia that may make him miss his ex temporarily.

However, if he is taking action, he is taking this further.

This is where the major problem lies.

If you have noticed him taking consistent action to reconnect with his ex, you may want to call it quits.

It’s one thing to allow him a period to mourn his past relationship and have some nostalgia, it’s another to watch him text, call or email her often.

It’s another to watch him raid her social media accounts or frequent where she tends to hang out.

You can’t make him want you wholeheartedly if his priority and his real feelings are connected to someone else.

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2 thoughts on “Boyfriend Still Misses His Ex. Should I Call It Quits?”

  1. My boyfriend and his ex broke up 15 years ago and ive been with him for two years and he brings his past up with her almost everyday always i know all about his relationship with with person and he always brings her into a.conversation even when no one is talking about her also he tells me all the time shes a better woman then me and always will be yet half their relationship she was screwing other men does this mean he still loves het ? Also hr complains about how much he misses those 15 yrs and those we the best years of his life now get this he is 50 yrs old cant be the best

  2. Hi Alicia,

    He may not necessarily still love her.

    He may simply be bitter about life in general and he is placing the blame on you.

    If he is telling you that he misses those 15 yrs and they were the best years of his life, he may simply be trying to make you feel bad so that he can feel better about himself and his life in general.

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