Do Guys Get Jealous If Their Girlfriend Is Much More Wealthier Than Them?

It is not so much that guys get jealous if their girlfriend is much more wealthier than them, but more more so that they feel inadequate in this predicament.

Do Guys Get Jealous If Their Girlfriend Is Much More Wealthier Than Them?When a guy’s girlfriend is wealthier than he is, he becomes insecure.

This insecurity stems from what he has been taught from childhood that this is supposed to be the other way around.

He believes that he is supposed to be the provider, and should be the one who is bringing in the lion’s share of the wealth into the relationship.

This is what fulfills his role as the man, making him an alpha.

If his girlfriend were wealthier than he was or earned more at her job, he gets to a point where he feels like he is not the quintessential man in the relationship.

In essence, he feels like he is not playing the guy role.

He is not the alpha.

This can hurt his sense of self-esteem.

This makes him feel inappropriate when he is talking about his girlfriend to others.

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He does everything in his power to omit the fact that she is wealthier than he is.

He does this to save face and not get embarrassed.

After all, he is supposed to be the alpha in this relationship.

If other people were to discover that his girlfriend were wealthier or earned more than he did, he feels humiliated.


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This hurts his sense of masculinity and worth.

He starts being mean to his girlfriend or acts jealous.

He tries to make her feel bad for being wealthier through finding ways to make all of this negativity that he is feeling, her fault.

You, as his girlfriend, start getting the feeling that he is jealous.

Nonetheless, He is merely reacting to a situation that makes him feel somewhat useless.

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A big part of what makes a guy feel like he is a valuable member of society is in how he is looked at as a man.

Is he playing the role that society expects of him?

Is he being the provider?

Is he being the alpha?

He makes assumptions on how your friends and family view him.

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Being that you are wealthier, he is uncomfortable when he is around your friends and family.

He begins to think about how they look at him as less than you.

Your friends and family are thinking nothing of the sort.

However, he is so insecure about this.

This insecurity forces him to begin to draw his own conclusions.

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He tells himself that your friends and family must think very lowly of him.

This in turn makes him detest you.

He doesn’t want to be seen as lowly.

After all, he is the man in this relationship.

As the man, he mustn’t appear to be subservient to his girlfriend.

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So, he lashes out at you, making snide comments or getting rude.

He tries to make you feel bad for being wealthier or earning more.

This has a lot more to do with his insecurities than it has to do with you.

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