A Girl Only Wants To Talk To You But Doesn’t Want Anything Else

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A Girl Only Wants To Talk To You But Doesn't Want Anything Else

The girl is not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with you.

She may be fine with talking to you because you are pleasant to talk to.

However, she isn’t looking for anything beyond that.

This could be because the conversation doesn’t excite her enough for her to want to pursue romance.

It could be because she may already be in a relationship with someone else.

It could also be because she isn’t ready to be in any kind of romantic relationship at this time.

There could be a number of reasons why she would be this way.

You would have to accept the fact that she doesn’t want anything else.

When you hold on to the hope that this may change, you really put yourself in a tough position.

People often fall into this predicament.

They hold out hope that the girl they are talking to will change her mind at some point in time and pursue a relationship with them.

This tends to be a very precarious wish because the girl may never come around.

Also, if she has already put you in the friend category, it will be very difficult for you to get out of it.

You will be doing yourself a favor by accepting this situation and moving on to someone else.

There may be moments when you think that her interest level has grown.

There may be moments when she seems like she likes you more.

She may say something flirtatious or even give you a compliment.

Unfortunately, you misconstrue these moments as signs that she is changing her mind about you and beginning to like you. However, she goes back to her old self soon after and nothing happens.

There are no more compliments or flirty words.

She just wants to talk and keep it at that.

You will run into these situations and they may be very frustrating.

You have to understand that when a woman’s heart isn’t in it, it just isn’t.

You really can’t make her feel something she doesn’t.

Wanting more than anything for her to start liking you is only your wish.

It isn’t going to force change in her when she is not of that same frame of mind.

You will have to accept this in order for you to move forward.

If she were truly interested in you, she would have shown you true signs that she was.

She would be a lot more consistent with flirting with you or giving you compliments.

She would want to know if you are dating anyone.

She would constantly let you know that she is single just so that you get the point that she is trying to make and ask her out.

She would want you to compliment her as well and may often try to present herself in a sexier fashion while in your presence just so that you do.

In other words, she would show you in no uncertain terms that she was interested in you.

This is not the case in your situation.

You should accept the fact that all she wants is a friendship and move on.

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  1. I’m exactly like this i do not like sex at all its vile and evil and i don’t like men asking me to be their girlfriends and kissing me on the lips with their nasty stinking breath the guys dont really like me being extremely talkative and i don’t care. Don’t touch or see our breasts as fruit perverts

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