Am I A Bad Girlfriend?

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Am I A Bad Girlfriend?

You will have to judge that based on how you have been behaving and how your boyfriend has been reacting.

If your boyfriend has been having constant arguments with you over something you said or did, you may be a bad girlfriend.

This is even more true if your boyfriend is not the argumentative type by nature.

If your boyfriend doesn’t seem happy to be around you, you may be a bad girlfriend.

This is especially true if your boyfriend was always excited and happy to be around you in the beginning of the relationship.

If you are constantly finding yourself jealous of the prospect of your boyfriend hanging out with his friends or family members without you being there, you may be a bad girlfriend.

If you never give yourself the chance to grow as a person and merely live vicariously through your boyfriend, you may be a bad girlfriend.

If you never give your boyfriend the opportunity to be himself and feel comfortable being so, you may be a bad girlfriend.

There are lots of reasons why you could be a bad girlfriend.

The first place you need to look at is within yourself.

What do you think about when you think about your relationship?

What is the first emotion that comes into you?

Is it negative or positive?

If it is a negative feeling, your instincts are trying to tell you that there is something truly wrong.

If it is a positive feeling but you notice that the feeling is laced with doubt later on, you may have to consider the possibility that something is wrong.

You may honestly not be aware that some of what you have been doing has been having a negative impact on the relationship and on your boyfriend.

You may believe that it has all been for the best and you only have the best intentions.

However, your best indicator of just how unhelpful what you have been doing has been is in how negatively both your boyfriend and the people that you are close to have been reacting to it.

How have your friends been responding to you lately? Do they want to hang around you less?

Have you noticed that you have been having a lot more issues or arguments with some of your friends as well?

Have you noticed that whenever you are around your friends or family, all you seem to be doing is complaining?

Have you even tried to know how the lives of your friends are going?

Has it just been all about you and what you are feeling?

When it is all about you, you will primarily talk about you and complain about only your issues to your friends or family.

This is where you have to take a step back and realize that the problem here may not be your boyfriend, it may be you.

You may be acting inconsiderate and selfish.

If you are this plaintive with your friends, you will most likely be the same way with your boyfriend.

You have to be aware of these emotions and temper them.

This is your first step in becoming that better girlfriend.

Your boyfriend should feel good about being around you without the worry that it is always going to be about you.

Once you come to this realization and take effective action, you will no longer be a bad girlfriend.

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