Is It Shallow Not To Date Somebody Who Doesn’t Have Ambition Or A Good Job?

In no uncertain terms, it isn’t shallow not to date somebody who doesn’t have ambition or a good job.

Is It Shallow Not To Date Somebody Who Doesn't Have Ambition Or A Good Job?It is paramount that you date somebody that has these qualities or qualifications in their life.

This is what you desire and are most attracted to.

There is nothing shallow about it.

If anything, you should know what you want and go for it.

Not doing so is dishonest.

It is much worse to date somebody who lacks ambition or a good job by reason of not wanting to come off as shallow.

This is not following what your heart wants, and is unfair to you and your date.

You can’t act like everything is fine when it isn’t.

It isn’t prudent to start dating people that don’t meet what you are looking for in a partner, using the justification that it is the right thing to do as it doesn’t appear shallow.

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That sort of relationship suffers.

Inevitably, you end up detesting the person due to their lack of ambition.

The act can only persist for for so long.

As a human being who has particular needs, you break at some point.

It is inevitable and only natural.

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At this stage, the situation is a lot worse.

You have been leading them on.

This makes it that more difficult for them to accept what you have just done.

They question your desire to leave them and argue.

You, on the other hand, have to deal with the repercussions of what you have done.

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You have now wasted a decent amount of your time and theirs involved in a relationship that wasn’t authentic.

Stick to what you want and embrace it.

Additionally, in having ambition and a good job, you have already met this person halfway.

You aren’t asking for something that you are not capable of giving back.

Never deceive yourself into thinking that a desire not to date somebody who doesn’t have ambition or a good job is too much of a requirement.

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Do what works for you.

Look back at your past relationships as your guide.

Have you had relationships with people who lacked ambition and a good job?

If so, how did those relationships work out?

They never worked out.

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You have given these individuals a chance in the past, telling yourself that once you were together with them, they would change and begin to have ambition.

Well, you dated them and nothing changed.

Based on the experiences that you have had with them in the past, you now realize that it isn’t prudent to keep dating people like this.

You are learning from experience and using that as your guide so that you learn from your past, and avoid making the same mistakes.

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