He Pursued Me For A Year And Then Rejected Me. What Happened?

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He Pursued Me For A Year And Then Rejected Me. What Happened?

He may have just lost the desire.

There are some guys who are more into the pursuit than the actual prize when it comes to dating in general.

He may have felt like there was no longer a challenge in you.

He may have felt like it was time to move on to someone else.

There are also circumstances where he may feel like you don’t have what he thought he would get from you.

Perhaps he initially felt very excited about this pursuit.

However, after getting you or getting you interested, he realized that the spark actually wasn’t really there.

There may be a part of him that created a fantasy about the type of person you would be once you started dating him.

He may have truly put in some time and thought into how it would be with the both of you as a couple.

He fantasized about how it would make him feel.

He thought that he would feel a certain way.

This presumption may have been what kept him motivated to pursue you for a year. However, once the pursuit was over, he didn’t get that type of experience.

He may have felt different or bland.

His presumption of how things would feel like just wasn’t the same.

He becomes disappointed and decides to reject you.

This could be a major reason why this all happened.

A guy can imagine what dating a girl would be like.

While he pursues that girl, he may begin to set into motion the manner in which he will date her.

He may start creating scenarios in his head of what he would do with her and how much amazing chemistry they would have once they started officially dating.

Hence, he already has the story in his head.

He already has his preset expectations.

However, if he gets to start dating you and doesn’t experience it exactly the way he has been imagining it, he may become disappointed. As a result, he rejects you.

He may have also pursued you for a year and then rejected you because he felt like you may have fallen too hard.

He may have felt like once you let your guard down, you were coming on too strong.

Perhaps you were feeling deeper emotions for him that he simply didn’t feel he could reciprocate.

It can be quite easy to fall for a guy after they have been relentlessly chasing you for a year.

During this time, the guy has made you feel like you are the only girl in his world.

He has made you his priority and put you ahead of all the other girls.

He has given you his undivided attention.

For a girl to experience this kind of pursuit for a year can be quite exhilarating.

She truly feels like she is special and desired.

Now that you have completely opened yourself up and let him in, you are showing too much eagerness and that may now be turning him off.

He may still want that girl that he wasn’t entirely sure liked him.

He may still want that girl that responded to his pursuit but still showed him a side to her that was mysterious.

Now that he has you, you are an open book.

Your emotions are very apparent and strong. That in and of itself could make him feel like this is too much.

He is not at your level of excitement for this relationship.

He fears that you may want to take this thing further than he is willing to go at this time.

He decides to reject you.

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