Is It Fine To Ask A Colleague For Her Friend’s Number?

Talking to your colleague’s friend and asking for her number directly, or asking her out on a date, is best.

Is It Fine To Ask A Colleague For Her Friend's Number?Getting her number from her colleague and contacting her thereafter, leaves a bad first impression.

Your colleague’s friend has a much better first impression of you when you have a direct approach.

It makes you appear assertive and confident.

She is a prize that you are intent on pursuing and this is a turn on.

By asking for her number or asking her out directly, she feels a lot more confident in your sincerity.

Your intentions are clear, which makes it less challenging for her to figure out whether she has any romantic interest in you.

Asking your colleague for her number and contacting her, leaves her unsure of what your intentions are.

She is doubtful and insecure.

A woman who is suspicious about your intentions is less ready to open herself up to you, worried about making assumptions of your intentions that leaves her vulnerable.

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Remember, you didn’t get her permission for her number.

You got her number from her colleague.

This has instantly forced her guard up.

Already, before you have initiated contact with her, the prospect of a good conversation is slim as it is fraught with a degree of discomfort.

Why risk turning her off before she has had the fortune of becoming acquainted with you?

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Give her the right impression by being straightforward in getting her number directly from her, or asking her out.

From here, communication happens with fluency.

A direct approach makes you confident.

Were she to give you her number directly or agree to a date with you, your confidence is boosted enormously.

Girls love confident guys.

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Communicating with her with confidence leaves her with a great impression of you.

She volunteered her number to you, which makes your call feel that much sweeter.

It’s an entirely different sensation from receiving her number from her colleague.

Receiving her number from her colleague leaves you nervous.

You don’t know how to go about contacting her properly.

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So much of your thoughts play and replay how that first conversation goes.

By the time you have gathered the nerve to text or call her, it feels forced and uninspired, making it harder to get her to respond.

Talking to her first and getting her number directly makes it so much easier to contact her and initiate a fun and interesting conversation.

The ice has already been broken, thanks to the first time you talked to her and asked for her number.

Early rapport has been established and the odds that your forthcoming phone conversation with her is easygoing is great.

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By giving you her number, she is expecting you to call her.

This already means that there is an expectation on her part to hear from you.

A woman who is expecting your call is anticipating your call.

This puts her in a much better state of mind to be receptive to you when you call, as opposed to how she feels when you get her number from a colleague and contact her.

Which do you prefer?

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A woman anticipating your call or a woman puzzled?

Have your colleague introduce you to her friend, have a conversation with said friend, and ask said friend for her number or a date.

No need to overcomplicate this and lessen the likelihood she opens herself up to you romantically.

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