Are Guys Okay With A Girl Making Plans?

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Are Guys Okay With A Girl Making Plans?Guys are okay with a girl making plans as long as she doesn’t overdo it.

They like it when the girl actually takes the initiative to make plans. However, they don’t want the girl to get into the habit of dictating what they will do and when they will do it.

This is typically where a girl can take things too far when it comes to making plans.

A girl typically wants to spend as much time as she can with her guy.

She would want to see him on a regular basis.

If she is the one who tends to make the plans, she may fall into the trap of beginning to set them up at her own convenience.

In other words, she may start making plans based on how much she wants to see her guy as opposed to ensuring that he is also available to see her.

She may make these plans and they may totally conflict or interfere with his schedule.

She is essentially making the plans without any consideration of the guy’s time and what he may already have planned for himself.

This is the danger that so many girls fall into.

A girl may assume that she can arbitrarily make plans for what she and this guy will do and totally forget about how this could fit into his schedule.

She may also get into the habit of making plans for a particular day.

She does this over and over again.

Meanwhile, the guy is becoming frustrated because she is constantly making plans for a day that he may want to spend with friends or doing his own thing from time to time.

Guys don’t like it when a girl takes this too far.

A girl can easily fall into this trap when she has set up a few previous plans that the guy went along with.

It becomes habit to her and she may not be totally aware that she has become too overbearing.

As I mentioned earlier, many guys would be okay with a girl making plans.

However, they don’t want her to get into the habit of simply assuming that just because they were available to do something with her the last three Fridays, they will be available this coming Friday as well.

Guys don’t want to feel like their girl has put them in a box.

It would make them feel stifled.

Hence, if you choose to make plans, take this into strong advisement.

You should also be very democratic about the kind of plans you set up.

You will have a much better chance of a guy going along with your suggested plan when you ensure that it is something that you know he would enjoy doing.

It could be making plans to go to a sport event.

You know that this guy loves the sport because he talks to you about it often.

You need to start with that.

Start with plans that involve activities that you know he would enjoy as well.

This makes the guy feel like you are being considerate of him.

It makes him more enthused and willing to have you make plans from time to time.

Some important points to remember.

Be considerate of your boyfriend’s time.

Don’t be arbitrary with your plans.

Start with plans to do things that you know your boyfriend would enjoy as well.

This would make your dates that much more fun for him and will also open you up to new experiences.

All of this makes it easier for this process to work.

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