Can Overthinking Ruin A Relationship And Cause Issues Within It?

Overthinking ruins a relationship when you let it influence and direct your actions and perceptions.

Can Overthinking Ruin A Relationship And Cause Issues Within It?When you overthink, you draw conclusions that aren’t realistic.

These conclusions cause friction in your relationship.

People overthink out of worry or insecurity, and they get lost in this thinking.

It manifests in a series of arguments with similar themes that repeat over and over with their partner.

Right there, you have incited undue strain on your relationship.

Stop this.

Learn to trust yourself and your partner.

A relationship doesn’t survive without a foundation of trust.

For this to work, you need to be happy and content within yourself.

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Become self-assured in the belief that you trust yourself to handle any situation that arises in your relationship with clarity of mind and logical judgment.

Your partner is the other half of this equation.

When you learn to trust him as you do yourself, you give him the confidence to fully invest in the relationship.

A partner who knows that you aren’t constantly worried about what they say or do that contradicts with what you believe is happening in the relationship, is a partner who is ready to be forthcoming with you.

He doesn’t feel the inclination to hide anything from you, whether it be in word or deed, as he is confident in knowing that you trust him.

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Learn how to communicate to express yourself without being confrontational.

Overthinking happens when you have something you are worried about.

Something has been bothering you for a while that relates to your relationship.

It has to do with people from your partner’s past, possibly an ex.

People from your own past.

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Your partner’s idiosyncrasies.

It’s fine to address these reservations, but your partner mustn’t feel like you are attacking him.

Be respectful in your delivery.

Having an accusatory tone makes it so much harder for your partner to empathize with what you are saying.

Rather than drawing conclusions about what your overthinking mind has cooked up, trust your partner enough to let him speak his mind.

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These are moments where your relationship has a shot at strengthening.

Talking to each other works so much better than yelling at each other or pointing fingers of blame at each other.

A serene conversation that is enlightening alleviates your anxiety.

Don’t let your anxiety persist without having a conversation with him.

It’s better to have a conversation with him about something that is troubling you, whether justified or not, than to avoid it.

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In avoiding conversation, with each passing day, your anxiety grows.

The overthinking gets so overwhelming.

Too much time is going by without addressing the issue and eventually, there is an explosion.

You lose it and scream at him over something completely innocuous.

Something as harmless as leaving the toilet seat up has you screaming and yelling as though he committed a heinous capital crime.

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Here, you are at risk of completely ruining your relationship.

Instead of addressing what was bothering you weeks ago, you sat on it, and the overthinking welled up until you finally exploded over something harmless.

This is the quickest approach to losing your partner.

A few more explosions like this and he is gone.

Is that what you want?

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Talk about the issues as they arise.

Trust what he has to say and take it to heart.

Be cognizant of his explanations so that when that same anxiety arises again, you recall what he told you the last time about it and take solace in it.

As time goes on, there are less conversations around your anxieties as you learn to trust him and avoid bringing up the same anxieties that he has already clarified, over and over.

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