What Makes Someone Girlfriend Material?

What Makes Someone Girlfriend Material?

A girl who is prepared to commit to a serious long-term relationship is girlfriend material.

This means that she has to be open about who she is as a person.

When she acts as someone she isn’t, afraid of showing her true self, she is not girlfriend material.

A person who shows the good and the bad about themselves can go very far in a relationship.

This approach to a relationship permits her partner to know that they can be frank about who they are as a person.

There can’t be any facades or lack of authenticity.

Someone who is girlfriend material takes the good with the bad that comes with her partner.

She is not there to change her partner.

This is where the lines of interpretation often get misconstrued.

To reiterate, she is not there to change her partner.

If her partner is looking to change on their own accord, she is there to help and encourage, but she isn’t the one forcing the issue.

She loves and cares for her partner as is.

This is a girl who isn’t looking to create what her ideal partner is.

She doesn’t see you as some project that she has to work on in order to get you perfectly tailored to her own preferences.

You are the total package to her with all of your good and bad traits.

This is one approach that can make someone true girlfriend material.

Another approach that makes someone girlfriend material is in her ability to be faithful.

This is not only about not cheating.

This is the faithfulness that comes with being true to her word.

She has to be able to set expectations and follow through with them.

When she is faithful to her word, she can be trusted.

Some people in relationships break their word.

They commit to doing something or experiencing something with their partner but flake, the moment the time arrives.

They do this without realizing the damage it causes.

They are rest assured in the belief that they are bound to come around to doing it.

They tell themselves that they are already in a relationship and their partner should be able to handle disappointment.

Well, when you aren’t faithful to your word or to a commitment that you made to your partner, you hurt your partner each and every time.

They don’t tell you that they are hurt but they are.

Sooner or later, your partner doesn’t want to share special moments with you, as they are losing trust in you.

Never fall for the temptation of believing that you can say you are going to do something in a relationship and keep breaking your word.

Someone who is girlfriend material follows through.

This is what enables your relationship to grow.

This is how trust is cemented in a relationship.

When you want to be girlfriend material, never lose sight of the significance of being faithful to your commitments in a relationship.


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