Should I Text Her Again?

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Should I Text Her Again?


If you have already texted her once or twice, leave it at that.

You won’t win any points by texting her incessantly.

If anything, you will actually turn her off.

You have to be resolute and disciplined.

I know it can be hard.

You may really like this girl.

If you have already been out with this girl, you may feel like there was a really strong connection.

The conversation may have been really good and you may have felt like there was a future to be had with her.

However, romance and attraction is a two way street.

It doesn’t really work if you are the one doing all the work.

You would be defeating the purpose.

When you texted, she got the message.

The onus is now on her to respond.

Listen, it can be tempting to want to text her again for various reasons.

You may feel like your last text wasn’t that great or perhaps she may be busy and you want to send her a reminder.

You would only exacerbate the situation by texting her more.

If you feel like your last text wasn’t very good, what makes you think that your next text will?

The reality is that you would more than likely send another text that doesn’t get a response.

At this point, you will begin to doubt that text again and wonder whether you should send another.

You continue telling yourself that your previous texts weren’t good enough.

You believe that you can get it right with the next text.

You can do it.

You can get her to respond if you just keep working on these texts and making them perfect.

Unfortunately, you are now 5 texts in and you have still not gotten a response from this girl.

Now, you have a dilemma.

Now, you are afraid of accepting the possible fact that this girl may be ignoring all of your texts.

The more texts you send her, the more she ignores them.

This doesn’t help you look more appealing in any way.

Try not to fall into this scenario.

It can literally cause a chain reaction.

You may not even be aware of what you have done until you have sent way too many texts.

You will appear so desperate to this girl that any hope of her returning a text is dashed.

So, try to contain yourself at the moment.

If you are feeling an urge to send that next text, get yourself busy doing some other activity instead.

Go play a sport or take a drive.

Do whatever you can in order to get yourself out of this mode of thinking.

When a girl is truly interested in a guy, she will respond to his texts.

She will do whatever she needs to in order to show him that his efforts are appreciated.

Now, if she hasn’t responded to your texts, she is indicating that she has a lack of interest.

This is something that you would have to accept.

You shouldn’t want to belabor the issue by sending her more and more texts.

Why would you want to be with someone who may not want to be with you?

Focus your energy on something else for now and avoid texting her again.

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