After Your First Date, What Do You Do?

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After Your First Date, What Do You Do?

You live your life accordingly.

Avoid the temptation to hang around your phone waiting for a phone call or a text.

You should still be living the life that you were living before that first date.

This approach is crucial.

People often make the mistake of doing too much or too little after that first date.

They wonder how they should act.

They either end up overdoing it, thereby making themselves appear to be too overzealous or they do too little because they are worried about how they would be perceived.

Listen, if you had a good first date, there will most likely be a second one.

Now, understand that the feeling of having had a good first date isn’t always mutual.

In other words, you may have believed that the first date was great and the chemistry was there, but this doesn’t mean that the other person on the date truly felt the same way.

Even though the outward appearances may have seemed that way, you don’t really know what was going on within this person.

Hence, try not to draw a conclusion on this.

You don’t really know.

However, you can be positive about what may come without being obsessed with it.

You can allow this process to unfold in a natural way without trying to force it in one direction or the other.

If you weren’t the one who asked for the first date, you may be asked for a second one by the person who did the initiating within the next few days.

However, don’t be afraid to take the initiative.

If you weren’t the one who asked for the first date and you feel that the first date went well, you can be the one who asks for a second.

You can return the favor.

Also, this period after the first date can be used to follow up on what was discussed on the first date.

Hence, it is an opportunity.

This is a great way for you to continue building chemistry with this person in-between dates.

This is how you can keep the conversation going in a natural way.

You will find that as you continue to do this, there will be a natural flow in your conversations.

Since you would be following up on conversations that were had during the first date, you would be reminding this person about the first date.

The more they remember that first date, the more they may want to go out on another.

This is how this kind of rapport building can lead to a natural suggestion for a second date from this person.

It may even happen mutually as you both reach a very comfortable point in the conversation.

At this point, it would feel natural to want to see each other again and make more fun and interesting face to face conversations.

You may both yearn for it as wonderful memories from the first date become more and more poignant in your minds.

In conclusion, be calm and yourself after the first date.

Continue living your life.

Go with what feels natural and not forced.

Let the relationship flow without placing too much emphasis on what should be done now.

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