Why Would A Guy Keep Looking At You?

Why Would A Guy Keep Looking At You?

A guy keeps looking at you when he is attracted to you.

He is shy.

You catch him constantly looking at you but not making a move.

He is entertaining specific thoughts that are getting out of hand in his head and controlling these thoughts are hard.

In his mind, he is considering what it would be like to make a move on you and ask you out or have a conversation with you.

He worries that you reject him or won’t be too welcoming to his approach.

This is a major reason why he keeps looking but doesn’t approach.

He is assuming that you already have a boyfriend.

A lot of shy guys do this.

He sees a girl that he likes and immediately makes the assumption that she has a boyfriend.

She is too attractive to be single.

The shy guy thinks in this vain until he talks himself out of approaching the girl.

He makes himself feel better by telling himself that approaching her is useless, as she is taken.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knows that the reason why he didn’t approach this girl was, fear.

He doesn’t admit it to himself but he is afraid that upon approaching her, she turns him down.

Knowing he doesn’t like how that feels, he plays it safe.

Looking at you doesn’t mean he intends to do anything about it.

He hasn’t taken any risk in making a move on you, as he fills in the blanks in his mind as far as what he is fantasizing about.

He sees the two of you doing romantic activities together in his fantasies and he permits those fantasies to take him from reality.

He gets lost in them.

When he comes back to reality he concludes that it is better for him to maintain a fantasy about you to avoid getting turned down by you.

This aside, there are guys who keep looking at you because you remind them of someone.

You remind him of a past love or romantic interest.

As he is looking at you, he is reminiscing about that person.

His thoughts are positive, due to fond memories of this person, or they are negative.

He contemplates what that person is doing now.

Reminiscing on how he behaved with this person in his past, he considers where he went wrong.

Your presence is triggering memories that elicit profound emotions in him.

As he gets deeper into his recollection of this person, he keeps looking at you.

He doesn’t realize that he has been looking at you for a while, being that he is lost in thought.

He appears to be in a trance-like state at that moment.

When he catches that you are looking back at you, he snaps out of it.

Curious about those memories and who you remind him of, he returns the gaze moments later.

Drawn to the source of what has caused these memories to come about, he is reeling.

The effect persists after you are gone.

He keeps recollecting that past memory that was triggered and either regrets or appreciates elements about it.

For the rest of the day, the memory is stuck in his mind, like a catchy song.

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51 thoughts on “Why Would A Guy Keep Looking At You?”

  1. Hey πŸ™‚ well i go to work placement on fridays and i pretty much always see the guy i like and he keeps glancing at me like when even.im not looking i know he is. But he dosnt approach me could be shy but so am i πŸ™ any help!! Does he like me? Hes always there like 3 desks away in front of me. I dont know him personally

  2. Hi habs,

    You would have to observe the rest of his body language in order to determine if he truly likes you.

    If you notice that he tends to move his body in your general direction when you are there, that can be a body language sign that he likes you.

    If you notice that he starts fiddling with something in his work space i.e. a pen, piece of paper, stapler while still stealing glances in your direction, that can be a body language sign that he likes you.

    If you notice that he adjusts his shirt collar, adjusts his sleeves or starts straightening out his shirt as he looks in your direction, he is preening, which could mean that he is interested.

    These are just some other body language cues you can use to help you determine if he truly likes you.

  3. Thanks πŸ™‚ i noticed him staring and glancing at me alot like 5 times and im sure hes not assuming some old memories :/ cuz the previous girl he liked was 2 years ago so he mustve got over it. anyways i notived everytime he comes through the doors he always noticed and looks at me first……ALWAYS..and then he proceed to the desk infront me and steal glance and even stare at me when i dont look which happen 3 days straight. He stared at me when i didnt look and i catch him look at me he quickly looks away and i look corner of my eye but with turniing my head and see he still looking and staring at me. he cant fidget because he has his laptop he types on everythime i see him come :p haha… nice escape and yday i notived when it was brk my friend was there and so was he like 5 seats away facing me his legs body facing me..maybe he knows my mate ..Oh wai8 he does lol he seen me with her so i think he kneew his whole body turned to me i coudlnt look at all toooooooo shy :3 uhh gosh he had his laptop on his lap typing when he really can do it on a desk :v haah maybe to steal glances then he went away after 15 min maybe thought that i would make a move?? That was like last week before we broke up for easter holidays fell for him then πŸ™‚ so can you please say if he does possibly have a crush on me or lke me? because i notived him look at me non stop 6 times and gettin caught alot haha i thiught it was jus casual until he keept doing it everytime he sees me so theni feel for himm thinking he might to πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Habs,

    Since he keeps staring at you and looking away when you catch him, there is a good chance that he likes you.

    However, he is a really shy guy.

  5. how do you think i should approach his because everytime i see him he brings his laptop and put head phones in so i cant really approach :/ and do you think its a good idea if i let my mates tel him i like him and if he saays yes then i tel my mate to say i tell her for you she feels the same…. πŸ™‚ .. You means hes like DEAD SHHY xD i remember he fancied my mate last asked her number straight away without signs just literally straight 2 years ago btw and all of a sudden hes shy around me?! That quick he chnaged…..oh really πŸ™‚ u thinkk he likes me xD im so happyyyyyyyy

  6. Hi Habs,

    A good approach would be, the next time you see him and he puts his head phones on, ask him what he is listening to.

    Asking him what he is listening to is an effective conversation starter that could lead to other topics to talk about.

    It can also be a way for you to relate to him if you were to discover that you also listen to the same thing.

  7. Oh okay and will it be ok if i tell my mates to ask if he likes me or i like him or should i tell hin i like him myself?

  8. Oh and do you thiink he likes me or is it an intrested or attraction or a crush :/

  9. habs,

    He has looked at you enough that this is most likely an attraction.

    That attraction could progress to something more depending on how you interact with him.

  10. HI πŸ™‚
    can you give me a possible explanation as to why would a very shy guy wear headphones and go on his laptop and steal glances me when he knows he likes me maybe. isit because he wants to aviod me approaching him? or wants me to see me but find and escape?

    And he was a 2 desks away infront of me and when i said to my libarian ‘ why does he have a laptop when he can go on computers’ i said that intetionally and he ltterally looked at me straight????!! even having headphones in :/

    why is that

  11. Hab,

    He may just like wearing headphones while using his laptop. It doesn’t mean that he wants to avoid you approaching him.

    There is a good chance that he wears his headphones while using his laptop when you aren’t around, even when he is at home.

  12. hi πŸ™‚
    Do you think he likes me πŸ™‚ whats the difference between attraction and liking someone and which one is better. I get guys saying im ”fit” and that im really physically attractive is it that type of attraction? and if so i dont wear much skinny jeans :p so i dont see how thats attractive. also people say i have a very cheery bubbly personality so maybe thats also a plus :/ haha

    Thank you :)))))))))))))))))

  13. Hi habs,

    He has looked at you and looked away several times, so there is a good chance that he likes you.

    Attraction is typically more visceral.

    You feel it instantly.

    On the other hand, liking someone sometimes requires a little bit more investigation.

    There may be an initial attraction but there is more to it.

    You almost want to know why you are having these thoughts about the person and you wonder if they are feeling the same.

    Yes, the guys saying that you are fit and really physically attractive is a type of attraction.

    You don’t have to wear skinny jeans for guys to think you are attractive.

    They can still make out what you look like and how fit you are without you needing to wear skinny jeans.

    Yes, the cheery bubbly personality is a plus.

    That makes you approachable and gives the impression that you would be fun to talk to.

    Many guys like that.

  14. Hi πŸ™‚

    I am curious to know why does my crush just continously look at stare but do nothing. I know hes shy but does that mean he possibly likes or is attracted to me. I never encountered a guy like who would look loads of tines. Is he making his mind up or does like but trying to gather the guts to talk to me.

    Maybe because at that time he sees me im by the labarian at the desk so maybe thats why hr cant approach. But then i wad also with my mate then his whole bodu was pointing towards me with his laptop on his lap but i didnt look because i was dead nervous. And his feet was facinh to me that was only 1 because hr sat in such a front table where.i can see him straight maybe he moved so he can take sercet glances/

    Why are guys so CONFUSING?!! πŸ™ only if he just said it! Uh :/ you know.

  15. Hi habs,

    It is unlikely that he is making up his mind or trying to gather up the guts to talk to you.

    He has had enough time to come up with both.

    He most likely likes you and is attracted to you but is very shy when it comes to you.

  16. Oh okay next timr i see him i say hi? And if hes shy but have the guts to talk then why dont he?

  17. habs,

    Yes, next time you see him, you can say hi.

    He probably doesn’t talk to you because he is shy when it comes to you.

    He may not want to say something that makes him look bad or gives you the wrong impression about him.

  18. Hi Dating Logic

    Hi im a bitt confused i see him every friday and today he didnt even come plus it was raining heavy,, did he give up on me or is ill or buzy i dont evem know his name yet i was going to say hi today but he didnt arrive.

    I hope he comes next weeek πŸ™ i did smile at him befotr the 2 week easter break . So i dont know :/

  19. Hi habs,

    It’s unlikely he gave up on you.

    He probably didn’t come this Friday because something came up i.e. family or friend priorities, tired etc.

    Since he tends to come there regularly, there is a decent chance that you will see him again.

    Indeed, he may come next week.

    The smile that you gave him before the 2 week Easter break was a good start.

    When you say hi to him the next time you see him, keep that smile on you.

    It will help to loosen him up.

    This especially helps being that he is most likely a shy guy when it comes to you.

  20. hi πŸ™‚

    Hope he does come oh and what do you think how will he respond to my hi and smile because i remeber last time i did he didnt even react at all. but then continously look and stare at me. which is unusual.
    Hope he will respond because i only see him every friday because of my work experice i only have 6 weeks left basically 6 days ( Friday)

  21. is that goood or bad? does that mean he doesnt like me? or is beacuse hes too shy and not comfarotable around me yet?

  22. hab,

    It would take time to determine whether it was good or bad or whether he likes you.

    In other words, if he is consistent with the positive response, there is a higher likelihood that he likes you.

    But if he is consistent with a negative response or a lack of a response, there is a higher likelihood that he doesn’t like you.

  23. HI πŸ™‚

    Hi i saw him today and because i missed him last week i saw him today and i walked paast him and was told that he smiled. obvs i didnt see and i came back he was there and he looked at me once and i caught him he looked away ASAP. im happy made my day tbh haha, also he keept coming n going like 4 times with like 10-16 mins. as he went i some how had the courage to say HI but i was quiet i think he just walked past and realised he had headphones in hah.

    well next week i will say it πŸ™‚

  24. Hi habs,


    Next week then.

    Quick tip – Try not to think too hard about it. It will be easier to do if you just stop thinking for a few seconds and just do it.

  25. HAHA yes true that πŸ™‚ hey he didnt come yesterday on friday and i found out his name and added him on facebook but its been pending for more than a week and i seen that he rarely post things like his pp was uploaded around march i think.

    Did he not come yesterday because he wanted me to miss him second time now and yes i know his timetable my libarian showed me she is so sweet i work exp with her but i dont want to go to sneak outside his class alone its awkwards and my mates all pretty much are buzy o have bf so im kind of stuck myself sadly.

    Any suggestions?
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  26. Hi habs,

    It’s unlikely that he didn’t come yesterday because he wanted you to miss him.

    A suggestion could be to find out what other social media he may be active on besides Facebook and see if you can connect with him there.

  27. Hi πŸ™‚

    Update ! Sadly he didnt come past 2 weeks even though he was in for some reason. Today i saw him as usual he did glance and look at me i try to.smile he looks away so fast thats its hard to give him a smile :/ so then i went infront of him as he was packing stuff away and he usually comez at 10:36 but he came today at 10:12 maybe to make up for it?

    Anyways so as he was walking i was about to turn n smile he didnt walk past me he walked past me leaving a huge amount of space so i dont see hin?…maybe hes shy ?haha uhh.

  28. I have also noticed when hes Alone he looks at me more and is aware what im doing etc. But when with another gurl he aviods me?

  29. habs,

    He may not quite know how you feel about him.

    He may look at you more when he is alone because he is wondering if you like him.

    He may not be getting the vibe that you do.

    Hence, he avoids you when with another girl because he becomes more focused on her and may feel like he can read her intentions a lot easier.

  30. Thanks that really did help. πŸ˜€
    Yesterday he was kind of slow and went late to his class maybe to be around me? He came way early around 10;05 usually 10:34 his class is 11:15. So wow xD

    I want to smile but he looks away within 1 second!!! Uhh its hard?

  31. Hi
    The problem is he has a gf been couple months….so why do this to me πŸ™ he makes me so.confused in giving all the signs. So who does he want and why do this? Thank you :3

  32. Do you think he admires me or likes me? And what is the difference between the 2 thanks πŸ™‚

  33. habs,

    He probably does it because he is not entirely happy with his girlfriend and may be thinking about what it would be like to be with someone else.

  34. habs,

    I think that he is curious about you.

    He may not admire nor like you.

    Admiring is more about appreciating something about you i.e. your physical appearance or a certain quality that you have.

    Liking you would be more personal where he actually would like to get to know you as a person.

  35. You mean curious as in how i am like and how would it be like to be with him?
    Ohh okay thank you πŸ™‚ and i did get his number through a computer?my libarain allowed me but i called and it said unallocated number? Whay does that mean. Any suggestions.?
    I try smile but he looks away -,- uh

  36. habs,

    Yes, curious as in how you are like.

    It may have said unallocated number because the number is incorrect.

    Try starting a conversation with him.

  37. Hi update
    You know you said hes intresested etc showsall the sign i texted hey last week he only saw it? I wondee what hes thinkong why isnt he replying? I mean he looks at me alot around me alott in free time?! πŸ™

  38. habs,

    He may not be replying because you only said “hey.”

    You didn’t give him any real reason to respond with that.

    You should start with an open-ended question so that he has a reason to respond to your text.

  39. Hey there . I’m concerned about this guy. I have known him since I was 10. We started hanging out more 4 years ago. We have been on several vacations together . This summer we went on a cruise , before the cruise we saw my friend. She grilled him if he’s dating anyone … β€œ I haven’t found the right person” he told her.. he told me not to cock block him on the cruise… I didn’t. He never showed any interest in anyone. We hang out a lot, he sends me texts every day and sends me selfies on snap chat. I came out to him… and he tells me he would never judge me and no one knows me like he knows me. This weekend we met his friend at a bar… she’s all over him , they’re drinking… I’m DD. I’m watching the band playing and I catch him looking at me most the night . Do I call him out on it or wait for him to make a move?

  40. I have this guy I work with. I got hired before him, so when he started training I’d help him out if he had questions. We usually work in the same general area. But from time to time we work different places in the store. Sometimes he will randomly be close to me or comes and finds me if he has a question. I catch him staring at me quite often. Most of the time he will smile and and just keep staring. But sometimes he looks away before I look back.

  41. Hi Katherine,

    He may like you but he is shy.

    Being that he is relatively new, he may be unsure of how to talk to you. So, he plays it safe by just sticking to asking you questions that are work-related.

    He is not getting the vibe from you that there is any romantic interest on your part. Hence, he smiles when you catch him staring at you but he doesn’t take it any further than that.

    If you like him romantically, you should start giving him better body language cues that you are interested.

    Read some of my articles on body language to pick up on what body language cues you can use.

  42. Awesome, thank you so much Luke! I watch all your YouTube videos. πŸ™‚ And he does sound like a classic shy guy. I try to always smile back at him. And if I’m not busy and we are in the same area I talk to him a little. About non job related stuff. But sometimes I blank on topics to talk about.

  43. Hi, ,well there’s a boy and when I entered in that place(it wasn’t for the first time)he started staring and even when I catch him he keeps looking into my eyes ,he didn’t look away he just looked at me until I look away,and it was strange because his friend was talking to him and showing him some papers and his body was like he was looking into the papers but his head was looking at me and he was nodding his head because his friend was explaining him sth and while he was looking at me he noded😐It didn’t happen just once,about 3,4times he did this he keeps staring at me even when I catch him staring at me what does it really mean?!!actually I did sth wrong to some one else and I think he knew that is it because of my acts toward that person that it made her looked at me?or it was because sth else?

  44. And he was always serious when he did that,no laughing,no movement,no blinking eyes,and then in another room he was standing near the door (actually he saw me before that I was there)he was standing.i was with his father walking to another room next to the room he stands and he looked at me and I looked at him while I was walking into the room next to his ,and just his eyes moved,not body no hand not even his face,he always when I catch him staring he keeps staring and I don’t want to go and ask him why because I’m too selfish!

  45. Actually it was the time for him to leave the place and his friend had already gone and after I went to that room he leave the placeπŸ™

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