Is He Not Interested Anymore?

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Is He Not Interested Anymore?

He may not be interested if you have noticed a sudden drop in communication.

If he used to call or text you more regularly than he is now, there is a good chance that he is not interested anymore.

A lack of communication may mean that he is preoccupying his time by doing other things.

If he is preoccupying his time doing other things, he is not thinking about you nor is he wanting to be around you.

He would rather be around other people.

This is especially true if you know that he was doing something with other people the other day but never invited you to it.

In fact, if you know that he still has a very active social life but hasn’t invited you to do much with him of recent, he is sending the message that he would rather do his own thing and have fun with others.

If he would rather have fun and socialize with others, he is not showing a strong interest in you.

When a guy is truly interested in a girl, he will want to be around her often.

If he is the kind that socializes, he would want the girl to be there alongside him.

He would want her around and have his friends see him with her.

This is his way of showing the world that you are the girl he is interested in.

When you notice that not only has there been a lack of communication from him but he has also made himself physically scarce, he may be sending a strong message that he not interested anymore.

Think about what you typically do when you are interested in someone.

You typically want to communicate with them and socialize with them often.

You would typically want that person to be around you and your friends because you want to show them off. This is what you would do. It is the same for a guy.

However, if this guy isn’t doing what would be natural for both a guy or girl to do when they are truly interested in someone, he is showing that he isn’t interested anymore.

You should be observant of how he behaves.

Truly pay attention to that.

He will also tend to keep his interactions with you as short as possible when he is not interested in you anymore.

You may notice that the length of your interactions whether in person or via the phone are a lot shorter.

It almost feels as though he can’t wait to be done so that he can move on to something else.

He doesn’t seem too keen in spending too much time interacting with you because something else almost always needs to get done.

He will give you an excuse that he has to go because he has to do this or that.

There always seems to be something that he has to get done that forces him away from having a longer time spent with you either in person or over the phone.

If you are experiencing any of what I have just described, there is a very good chance that he is not interested anymore.

Understanding this and allowing your yourself to move on from it is crucial.

If you hold on to the hope that he is still interested, you could become so emotionally involved that you will eventually end up heartbroken.

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