He Told Me He Can’t Be In A Relationship Right Now

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He Told Me He Can't Be In A Relationship Right Now

He may not be ready for a relationship or he may still have issues from a previous relationship that he is dealing with.

If he told you that he can’t be in a relationship right now, you should accept that.

The problem that many girls face in a situation like this is they tend to ignore this.

They like the guy and they are hoping that he wasn’t being serious about what he said.

They are hoping that he will give their relationship a chance.

It can be so easy to fall into this mode of thinking because of your desire and emotions.

However, he has told you that he can’t be in a relationship right now.

This is for a reason.

Even if you may believe that there shouldn’t be a problem, clearly there is.

There is something going on in his life or in his head that has made being in a relationship right now a bad idea for him.

You have to try to respect that.

Regardless of what you want out of this, a relationship can’t really work if both parties aren’t entirely invested in it.

This is why you find some relationships that are so lopsided right from the start.

In this scenario, there are two people who got into a relationship but one of them clearly wanted it more.

Ultimately, the relationship becomes filled with anger and bitterness because someone in the relationship never entered it wholeheartedly.

They will not take genuine strides in making the relationship work and helping it along.

The survival of the relationship becomes totally dependent on the one person who entered it wholeheartedly.

No relationship can survive or be healthy under these circumstances.

You need to understand this.

You need to understand that allowing yourself to crave a relationship that will more than likely suffer will only make your own love life more difficult.

You can’t make someone genuinely want to be in a relationship if they don’t want to.

That person should genuinely want to be in a relationship for the relationship to really have a chance at working.

Again, you don’t want to be in a situation where the majority of the effort to keep the relationship viable and alive is coming from your end.

You should give him his space right now and open yourself up to dating other people.

However, you don’t have to get into anything serious right now with someone else.

The mistake that some people make in this situation is when they purposely go out and start dating someone new with the intent of making their person of interest jealous.

They believe that by doing so, they will make this person see just what they are missing and force them to change their mind.

Again, these are dumb games that will only result in you getting hurt.

Don’t do anything sly in order to get this person to enter a relationship with you.

If you were to succeed in getting him jealous and having him enter a relationship with you, he would only be doing so due to your manipulation.

It wouldn’t be a genuine move on his part.

In time, he will begin to break.

He will start being lackadaisical in his efforts to keep the relationship going because he has now had some time to allow his true emotions to show.

This isn’t a place you should want to find yourself in.

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One thought on “He Told Me He Can’t Be In A Relationship Right Now”

  1. He said he can’t have a relationship now and he aaid that he needs to feel better because that’s what I deserve. He feels a lot happier now because he said all the truth to his ex giflfriend (the one who broke up with him and made him suffer) and he showed me what she told her. He said he feels a lot happier than before because he told everything what he felt for her and he said that “Don’t worry
    I just don’t feel like having a relationship NOW
    And I have to feel better,because thats what you deserve.”
    He also said (only to satisfy me): And it’s fine if you don’t want to continue ever again
    I understand” seems like he wants to be with me and he still likes me.
    So that’s the problem i have. He broke up with me 2. The first time when ahe beoke up with him 1 day ago and then now (but he surely wanted to be with me, he called me pretty, cute, beautiful, he also said he has a crush on me etc.) I don’t want to lose him. I feel so hurt and I feel like I love him..

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