He Cancelled Our First Date And Hasn’t Rescheduled

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He Cancelled Our First Date And Hasn't RescheduledHe may honestly not be interested in you. The cancellation of the first date was a bad sign.

However, from time to time, cancellations may be warranted due to an unexpected emergency. But in your case, he never rescheduled.

This is the part that is most worrisome.

When someone is truly interested in someone else, they will do what they can to meet them. If they were to fall into an unexpected emergency that led to the cancellation of the first date, they would more than likely reschedule.

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If they don’t reschedule right away, they would do so within a handful of days. If it has been about a week or more since you have heard back from him after the cancellation, there is a good chance that he isn’t interested in you.

You may wonder why. This may not make any sense to you because it seemed like he was interested.

Well, this is what often happens when people don’t meet that person that really gets them excited and they feel like they have genuine chemistry with.

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They may entertain the idea of going out with someone that they got along with okay but if that person didn’t really get them excited and curious upon initial interaction, it becomes a lot easier to cancel the date due to a lack of enthusiasm.

This may be what happened in your case.

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For them, the passion just wasn’t there.

Yes, there may have been some physical attraction. However, that was simply not enough to make this guy want to put out the effort to actually take himself to a date and interact with you.

You will have to understand this clearly.

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The last thing you should start doing now is calling and texting him to figure out what he is up to or why he is doing what he is doing.

All you would be doing is prolonging this situation and possibly even pushing him further away.

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He would start coming up with excuses as to why he hasn’t rescheduled. He would essentially begin to lie to you. You would listen to his words and think that you may have a chance somewhere in the near future once he has taken care of this emergency.

You may continue calling and texting because he still hasn’t set up another date. This becomes a very frustrating and mentally draining endeavor. Unfortunately, it would be to no benefit because more excuses will come forth.

Eventually, he will start ignoring your calls and texts entirely.

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You have to take the hint and move on with your life. You should want a guy who actually is excited to date you and want to get to know you. You should want a guy who is intent on sharing with you and letting you experience his personality.

This is the kind of guy who would follow through on a date and not cancel on you. This is the kind of guy who would ask for subsequent dates.

When you have a guy cancelling on you and not rescheduling immediately or within a short period of time, he has more than likely discarded you.

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The interest may have never really been there or he may simply have gotten lukewarm in his feelings for you.

Neither of these are promising when you are wanting to date someone on a consistent basis.

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