What Do You Think Of This Age Gap In A Relationship?

What Do You Think Of This Age Gap In A Relationship?

You have to come to terms with what matters most to you in this relationship.

Is it the connection you have with this person and how good they make you feel or is it an age gap?

Yes, an age gap is real and isn’t easily ignored.

An age gap is real but when it doesn’t affect the chemistry you mutually share, it has no legitimate bearing.

Your hesitation with this age gap is causing you to ignore what is working in the relationship.

Not everything is perfect.

When we are younger, we dream.

We visualize who that perfect mate for us is.

The truth is, in the end, we aren’t in complete control of who we end up liking or falling in love with.

Whoever we choose to date exposes flaws after a while of being together.

A flawed physical feature is suddenly acknowledged, when it has been there all along.

A quirky habit that is now annoying is acknowledged, but it was always there.

And now, the person’s age is an issue, an age gap that existed before the relationship.

Somehow, you convince yourself that the age gap was the reason why these other issues existed and persisted.

With that in mind, you go seeking that perfect mate.

You find them and they are age appropriate.

Yet, as time goes on, something about them pops up that isn’t perfect.

A family member of theirs is grating.

An ideology they espouse contradicts yours.

A physical flaw takes center stage.

What now?

Do you dump this age appropriate person and go for yet another perfect mate?

This becomes a never-ending quest for something that doesn’t exist.

You end up being that hapless person who has gone through multiple failed relationships and marriages.

Finally, after so much wasted time, you come to the realization that you made a mistake in dumping an earlier partner who had an age gap with you.

Any partner you are with is going to have flaws irrespective of their age.

As long as you and this older partner acknowledge and accept the age gap, prepared to make it work, that is what matters most.

Don’t have anyone else pilot this ship but the two of you.

A blunder people frequently make is when they permit outside influence to dictate who they date.

In fear of judgment, they ditch a great match who has an age gap with them, choosing to date an age appropriate person who ends up being a terrible match for them.

You have a choice to make.

Either accept the age gap or don’t.

Weigh the pros and cons.

Do you stand to benefit more in ditching a person with an age gap or benefit less?

Look back on the relationships you have had with age appropriate partners.

How did those relationships go?

A history of failed relationships with age appropriate partners means that age has nothing to do with past relationship failures.

Would it hurt to date someone with an age gap for a change?

Your luck in relationships might fair better in doing so.


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