What Do You Think Of This Age Gap In A Relationship?

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What Do You Think Of This Age Gap In A Relationship?You have to come to terms with what is most important to you in this relationship.

Is it the connection you have with this person and how good they make you feel or is it an age gap?

Yes, an age gap is real and can’t necessarily be ignored. However, an age gap may be real but also may not have any real bearing as far as the chemistry you both share.

You are ignoring what is working in the relationship.

Not everything is perfect.

When we are younger, we tend to dream.

We tend to visualize who that perfect mate for us will be.

We tend to envision the best mate possible.

The truth though is that in the end, we aren’t in complete control of who we end up liking or falling in love with.

Yes, you may find someone that meets your requirements but as time goes on you will notice that there are elements about this person that aren’t entirely perfect.

You may notice a physical feature that isn’t entirely perfect that you had never noticed before.

You may notice a habit that isn’t entirely perfect.

You may acknowledge that their age isn’t entirely perfect.

What do you do now?

Do you discard them simply because they don’t meet every single requirement that you envisioned?

If you were to do this, what then?

You will go in search of the next perfect mate.

You will find someone else and think that you have finally found the perfect one.

However, yet again, as time goes on, you will notice something about them that isn’t perfect.

You may notice that one of their family members just doesn’t appeal to you.

You may notice a habit they have that may even irritate you.

What now?

Will you dump this person and try again for the perfect one?

This will simply become a never ending quest for something that simply doesn’t exist.

You will ultimately end up being that hapless person who has gone through multiple failed relationships and marriages.

The point of all of this is simple.

An age gap will only be a problem if you make it so.

As long as the both of you accept the situation and are willing to work through it, this is your ship.

You shouldn’t allow anyone else to pilot this ship but the both of you.

The both of you are the most important members of the crew.

The mistake that people often make is to allow outside influence to dictate who they date.

They may be with the person that is the most compatible with them and yet they will let this person go simply because they worry about how acceptable that person would be.

What matters most is how you feel when you are around each other.

If an age gap is so important to you to the point of not allowing yourself to fully give to this person, you may want to let this relationship go.

All you would be doing is jeopardizing it anyway.

But if you are willing to accept the fact that you will never find that perfect mate because there will always be something that is not so perfect that you will ultimately discover, this person may be the one for you, age gap notwithstanding.

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