Is 5 Years A Big Age Gap?

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Is 5 Years A Big Age Gap?

5 years is not a big age gap.

However, so much of how things will work in your relationship depends on how you both approach your age gap.

If you are worried about this 5 year age gap, it can easily affect how you interact with this person and how you look at the relationship.

If you are already starting off with this kind of uncertainty, you would affect how you both handle the relationship and approach problems or issues in the future.

That 5 year age gap could become a serious impediment to your growth in the relationship if it always comes up as a topic of discussion or always seems to be a point of silent contention.

In the end, the way your relationship will work will depend on how you both approach certain issues.

If one person is too worried about the 5 year age gap, it will put a strain on the relationship.

If you are both worried about the 5 year age gap, you both put further strain on the relationship.

This 5 year age gap should be something that you are both fully acknowledging from the start.

Don’t try to hide it and act as though it isn’t there.

You should both be open to talking about it.

It is only in open discussion that you can discover whether there are any reservations.

One of the biggest mistakes that many make is when they try to ignore that 5 year age gap in the beginning because they are just not wanting to acknowledge it.

It bothers them and yet they choose to ignore it as though it isn’t there.

Something like this will ultimately become an issue as your relationship develops if it isn’t addressed earlier on.

Do not ignore it.

Having an open discussion with this person earlier on will help the both of you come to terms with how you truly feel about it.

I know it can feel intimidating and you may be worried that addressing it could hinder your relationship.

This is especially worrisome for many when the relationship is still in its infancy.

However, it is better to address it earlier on than to allow the relationship to progress further as feelings begin to set in and yet, there is still that bothersome issue that is hanging around and not going away.

If you are both sincere with how you feel about this 5 year age gap from the beginning, you will be able to approach this relationship with a lot more openness.

Just think about what it would feel like to simply have everything out in the open and talk about it.

This exercise alone could actually bring the both of you closer together.

This 5 year age gap that has been bothering you could actually end up being a route by which you both open up to each other in a way that you never have.

Your best bet is to come to an understanding with each other from the start.

Address the 5 year age gap with each other.

The sooner you do it and acknowledge where each of you stand, the easier it will be to move forward.

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