Is It Okay If I Never Initiate Conversation?

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Is It Okay If I Never Initiate Conversation?

It isn’t okay if you never initiate conversation.

You may think that this makes you more of a catch.

You may believe that this forces the other person to chase you.

However, if this is what you tend to do, you may be losing out on genuine dating prospects who ultimately give up on you.

They give up because they determine that you are either not genuinely interested in them or you are playing mind games.

Either way, you lose out on someone who could have actually been a great boyfriend or girlfriend to you.

You have to understand that you can’t keep doing this if you hope to find the right person for you.

Perhaps you believe that if this person continues to contact you even when you never initiate conversation and goes the distance, they are showing that they are truly interested.

Well, they had already shown you that they were interested the multiple times prior that they tried to initiate conversation with you.

If someone sticks it out and goes the distance with you, you will feel like your method succeeded.

However, the danger of this kind of approach when it comes to dating is that you will feel a higher sense of importance in the relationship.

You will feel that to some extent you are above this person because of how hard they had to work to get you.

When you enter a relationship with this person, you will be unwilling to compromise.

Why would you?

After all, you have always been the prize that this person has sought after.

With that kind of mindset, you will find it very difficult to concede to or at least consider what your partner’s needs may be.

Your needs would totally trump the needs of your partner.

When a relationship begins with this kind of imbalance, it is very difficult to move forward in a healthy way.

You will have more arguments in which you will be unwilling to look at a problem with a democratic and judicious eye.

Everything that you see would be within the prism of meeting your own needs or having it your own way.

This is why so many people who use this method of never initiating conversation with their dates end up getting into relationships that are filled with arguments and disappointment.

You had set the tone of how things were going to be before the relationship began.

Now that you get into a relationship, that imbalance becomes the more evident and dangerous.

Hence, you do have to understand that even for those who stick it out and ultimately get into a relationship with you, they would be getting into a relationship that they already may or may not know is imbalanced.

Some of them may feel a sense of inferiority that may lead them to always try to acquiesce to what you want.

A relationship cannot grow healthily and successfully when one partner is always giving because that is what they have gotten used to doing prior to them getting into a serious relationship with you.

Hence, you will experience failed relationship after failed relationship.

I don’t believe that this is what you want.

Thereby, do initiate some conversation as you are dating someone or getting to know them. This will honestly bode so much better for you if you end up being in a relationship with this person.

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