Boyfriend Going Away For A Month

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Boyfriend Going Away For A Month

You may feel anxious that your boyfriend is going away for a month.

You may feel all kinds of emotions right now to be honest.

The first thing you should do is simply try to identify the emotions that you are feeling right now and the reason why you may be feeling them.

Let’s start with anxiety.

If you feel anxious about this, why?

Could it be because your boyfriend has never been away from you for this long?

If that is the case, we have now taken the first step in both identifying and figuring out the reason behind your emotion.

Your best bet if you are feeling anxiety is to remember the camaraderie that you have so painstakingly built with your boyfriend over the course of this relationship.

Remember what it feels like when the both of you are around each other and how safe you feel.

Try to remember the sense of ease you feel whenever you are around your boyfriend.

Now, take that recollection and let that be what you focus on.

When you focus on how safe he makes you feel, you allow yourself to understand that even though he may not be there in person for the next month, you can still feel his presence.

You truly can.

There is a connection that occurs between couples that is beyond physical.

Trust in this connection.

It will help you get through the next month while he is not around.

Another emotion you may be feeling is one of fear.

Why do you feel fear?

Could it be because you aren’t sure if the both of you would still love each other when he comes back?

Now that we have identified the emotion and the reason behind it, let’s work on assuaging your fear.

In order to overcome the fear that you feel, try to reflect back to when you and your boyfriend just started dating.

Think about what it was like as you both began to get to know each other.

Remember what it felt like as you began to learn about him and how excited you got when you realized how much the both of you had in common.

Allow yourself to really reflect on this for a moment.

There is a reason why the both of you ended up together.

That kind of connection doesn’t go away simply because you haven’t seen your boyfriend for a month.

It is what tends to be the foundation of your relationship.

This kind of connection is what helps the relationship stand strong and keep going.

You know your boyfriend now and he knows you.

You are not only lovers but friends.

Think about your close friends for a second.

If one of them were to go away for a month, would you be fearful that when they got back, they wouldn’t love you anymore?

It’s unlikely that you would.

You would trust that when your friend got back after a month of being away, the love that you have for each other would still be there.

This is how you should look at your current situation with your boyfriend.

You have both already built the foundation of the relationship.

A month away shouldn’t sway it in any way.

Do your best to maintain communication while he is away but try not to be anxious or fearful.

Trust in what the both of you have already built.

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