Boyfriend Going Away For A Month

Boyfriend Going Away For A Month

You are anxious that your boyfriend is going away for a month and you aren’t the first.

So much of you has been invested in him and now, he isn’t going to be present for a month.

It’s no surprise you are worried.

The first thing you need to do is identify the emotions that you are feeling right now and the reason why you are feeling them.

Something that plagues many girlfriends in your situation is anxiety.

When you feel anxious about your boyfriend going away for a month, why is that?

Is it that your boyfriend has never been away from you for this long?

When that is the case, you have taken the first step in identifying and figuring out the reason behind your emotions.

To overcome the anxiety, remember the camaraderie that you have so painstakingly built up with your boyfriend over the course of this relationship.

Remember what it feels like when you are around each other and how safe you feel.

Remember the comfort you feel whenever you are around your boyfriend.

Now, take that recollection and focus on it.

In concentrating on how safe he makes you feel, you realize that even though he isn’t there in person for the next month, his presence is felt.

You truly do feel it.

A strong emotional connection between a couple doesn’t stop when one partner is away.

It stays with them regardless of distance.

Trust in this emotional connection.

It gets you through the next month while he is not around.

Another emotion you are feeling is one of fear.

Why do you feel fear?

Is it that you worry that the month away influences him to fall out of love for you?

Now that we have identified the emotion and the reason behind it, let’s work on assuaging your fear.

To overcome the fear that you feel, reflect back on when you and your boyfriend just started dating.

Think about what it was like as you got to know each other.

Remember what it felt like as you learned about him and how excited you got when you realized how much you had in common.

Reflect on this for a moment.

There is a reason why you ended up together.

That emotional connection doesn’t go away on account of not seeing your boyfriend for a month.

It is the foundation of your relationship.

This emotional connection is what props up the relationship and keeps it going.

Realize that your boyfriend isn’t solely your lover, he is your friend too.

Think about your close friends for a second.

When one of them goes away for a month, are you fearful that upon their return, they don’t love you anymore?

It’s unlikely that you do.

You trust that when your friend gets back after a month of being away, the love that you have for each other as friends is there.

The friendship with your boyfriend has such a foundation.

A month away doesn’t rock a solid foundation.

For what its worth, it makes it stronger.

Ever heard the old adage, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder?”

There you go.

Maintain a moderate amount of communication with him while he is away, but don’t overdo it.

Anxiety and fear has an effect of making you clingy and needy in how you communicate with him, which risks your boyfriend’s ire.

Trust in what you have built together, get on with your life, and in a month’s time, welcome your boyfriend back with open arms.

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