Is It Best For A Shy Guy To Never Date?

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Is It Best For A Shy Guy To Never Date?It is best to be comfortable and confident in yourself first and foremost.

You have to be comfortable in your own skin.

You have to understand that people like to date others who seem like they like themselves and are totally at ease with who they are.

This is important.

If you are thinking that you as a shy guy shouldn’t date, it may be because you haven’t fully accepted yourself.

This is a problem.

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When you don’t like yourself, this kind of attitude permeates into whatever you do.

You will always give off that aura of being someone who is simply not happy with life or with who they are.

Being shy is simply no excuse to not love yourself and consider yourself a catch.

It all starts with the way you think. It all starts with how you view yourself.

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If you start seeing yourself as a catch, others will also start seeing that.

They will see it because you will walk around with confidence.

You will make more eye contact with people. You will begin to fill your life with activities that make you happy. In essence, you would start becoming a person that they would want to date.

Think about this for a moment.

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What kind of person would you like to date?

Take a moment to really think about this person. Think about what they look like and what their behavior would be like. Think about how they would make you feel when you were around them.

Just try to envision this in your mind as viscerally as you can for a moment.

Now, imagine that person that you have envisioned is you.

Exactly, the person that you have just thought about is you.

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The way that they made you feel in your vision should be the way that you make them feel as well.

The way that they look in your vision should be the way you see yourself as well. In other words, you are visually appealing.

The way that they carry themselves in your vision should be the way you carry yourself.

By doing this exercise, you have reflected upon yourself your ideal mate. This is the type of person you should aspire to be like.

If you want to be the shy guy that gets to date the girl, you have got to start trying to embody the qualities of the person that you saw in your vision. That person is who you should start trying to aspire to be.

The person in your vision wasn’t sad. The person in your vision wasn’t unsure of who they were. The person in your vision wasn’t uncomfortable nor did they lack confidence.

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Simply realize that just because you are a shy guy doesn’t mean that you should never date. A shy guy could totally appeal to a girl if she gets the sense that he is comfortable in his own skin and has a lot of things going for him.

You have goals.

You have ambition.

You have personality.

These are all amazing qualities that many girls would find appealing even if you are shy.

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However, you should allow yourself to show this appeal.

Accept yourself and give others the opportunity to see that there are several other facets to you.

Don’t accept the notion that you can never date because you are a shy guy.

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This is self-defeatist.

It doesn’t help you and it also robs girls of the opportunity to get to date you.

Be comfortable with yourself. Aspire to be the person you saw in your vision.

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