What To Do When He Is Older And What To Expect In Such A Relationship?

When he is older, there are implications that have to be recognized so that you don’t get yourself involved in a relationship that blindsides you.

What To Do When He Is Older And What To Expect In Such A Relationship?Being older, there are no assurances that he would agree to a specific opinion you have about a significant topic.

His own life experience and generation is what he draws his own opinion from.

This is a significant point of contention in a situation like this.

And why you have to be at a place where you know that either of you are mature enough to accept differences in opinion, without letting said opinions jeopardize your relationship.

When he is older, keeping up with you in all of your activities is yet another potential issue.

In a world where you are a socially active person who thrives on going out, it isn’t certain that he would be open to coming along and partaking in these social environments, in the long run.

This is a reality that you have to be aware of, and be accepting of, if you choose to be in a relationship with him.

Right now, you don’t see this behavior in him, but as he gets older, this does have a tendency to change.

Even though you are having a great time with him so far, and he is keeping up with you on every level, this isn’t certain to last.

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In time, being that he is older than you by a good number of years, he slows down.

Suddenly, he is struggling to go out with you as much as he used to, and isn’t eager to socialize as much.

He isn’t keeping up with you in performing various physical activities.

People in these situations often forget that things change.

They think that everything is going to stay the same, convincing themselves that the older person they love is bound to be this energetic and fun for many years to come.

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The truth is, with age, a lot of that changes.

Envision a time like this and ask yourself whether you believe that you are capable of handling it.

If you believe that you are capable, the relationship has a better shot at working out.

If you have any doubt that you are capable, you are in for heartache.

When he is older, especially by several years, you have his family, friends and colleagues to deal with.

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Some are likely to be fine with the relationship, especially after having met you and realizing how awesome of a personality you are.

Nonetheless, some are likely to disapprove of such an age gap.

They don’t voice their disapproval in your presence, but they let him know their opinion about all this outside of your purview.

It isn’t out of the question that he gets influenced by what they have to say.

At some stage, he feels pressured to act in a certain way, or take action that jeopardizes your relationship with him.

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Be open with him about the possibility of these events unfolding.

Prepare him for it.

He is so caught up in how much he loves you at this moment, he is susceptible to telling himself that everybody in his life is bound to be fine with it.

He is happy after all.

Why wouldn’t they be happy for him?

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Unfortunately, that isn’t how life works.

Prepare him, as well as yourself, for detractors.

When prepared, it is easy to overcome many obstacles that come at you.

When not prepared, you have a much harder time defending the relationship.

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