How To Know If A Boy Likes A Girl

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How To Know If A Boy Likes A Girl

He will typically try to get her attention in some way.

The boy may start speaking louder when she is around or he may become more animated.

Now, this isn’t always the case.

It’s different with shy guys.

If you are dealing with a shy guy, he may actually become more quiet when the girl that he likes is around.

Hence, we are going to have to tackle this question from two different angles.

That of the extroverted guy and that of the shy guy.

How can you tell that an extroverted guy likes you?

He will do what I described above for starters.

He may become louder and even slightly more obnoxious whenever you are around.

He may also become more animated in his physical gestures.

When I say animated, I simply mean that you may notice that his body moves around more excitedly.

His hands may flail a lot more or his head may move around more rapidly.

In essence, he is excited that you are around and he is showing that through both his verbal and physical language.

Now, oftentimes when an extroverted guy likes you he may also try to flirt with you.

Hence, you really do need to understand how guys flirt.

If you notice that he is giving you several compliments on your physicality, he is flirting with you.

If you notice that he looks you up and down quickly from time to time, he is flirting with you.

If he touches your hand, thigh or waist from time to time as he talks to you, he is flirting with you.

An extroverted guy would also try to get you to notice him when he is at his best.

He may try to show off while you are around.

He may do this through what he says or does physically.

For example, you may notice him suddenly talking about all of his accomplishments when you are around.

He may talk about his great job or his nice car.

These are all manners of boasting in the hopes that he wins your approval.

If it is in physical action, you may notice that when you are around he may try to do something physical that he hopes would impress you.

He may try to lift something heavy, become physically aggressive with another guy or play a sport intensely.

Again, he hopes that all of this will show you his masculine energy, impress you and make him look good in your eyes.

A shy guy would be more prone to do things such as look your way but look away the moment you establish eye contact with him.

If you notice this happening often with this guy, there is a very good chance that he likes you but he is too shy to establish and maintain eye contact.

A shy guy would also get quiet when you are around.

I described this earlier.

If you notice that he may be talking to his friends or to people but he suddenly becomes quiet when you come into the room, there is a good chance that he likes you.

Again, he is shy and he doesn’t want to say anything that he thinks may make him look bad, so he gets quiet.

A shy guy who likes you would also check out your social media accounts very often.

You may notice that he will like your photos but he will rarely make conversation.

He may leave a comment now and again on one of your posts but it will typically be very short and typically wouldn’t invite further discussion.

In other words, the comments would rarely be open-ended.

Also, a shy guy who likes you would talk about you often to his friends.

He would want to know more about you but not directly through you.

He may ask people he knows about what you are all about.

He would try to gain more information about you from other people instead of actually introducing himself to you.

Hence, if you keep hearing about some guy who is asking questions about you, there is a good chance that it is the shy guy.

These are some of the interest cues to look for if you are dealing with either an extroverted guy who likes you or a shy guy who likes you.

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