He Is Texting Me Every Day. Does He Like Me?

He Is Texting Me Every Day. Does He Like Me?He doesn’t necessarily like you.

Oftentimes, it is not so much about the fact that he is texting you every day, but more so about the content of those texts.

If he texts you every day but most of those texts have to do with making lighthearted banter about what he did on his lunch break or something to do with pop culture, he may not like you romantically.

There are some guys who simply get bored and will text a girl every day so that they can have some company.

If you notice that these text messages never really go anywhere substantive in terms of the topics that are discussed, he may simply like the fact that he gets to banter with you and nothing more.

Oftentimes, a guy who texts in this way doesn’t like to have too much idle time.

He has to be involved in some conversation with someone to help him pass the time as often as possible during the course of his day.

It is important to understand that determining whether a guy likes you isn’t just about whether he texts you every day, but also about what he texts you.

If you have no real substance to your text conversations with him, he is not showing any real signs of trying to get to know you on a deeper level.

If he is not asking you meaningful questions about yourself in these text conversations, he is not showing any interest in trying to discover more about you so that he can determine whether the both of you would connect on a romantic level.

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If he doesn’t open himself up to you in these text conversations by revealing more about himself as a person, he is not showing any willingness to give you a better perspective on who he is and what he is about.

This would indicate that he just wants his text conversations with you to remain lighthearted and without any real direction.

It is alright to have lighthearted banter in the beginning as two people are newly getting to know each other. However, that lighthearted banter should give way to more serious topics as time goes on.

If he never broaches anything serious or substantive with you in conversation that helps to lend further insight into how the both of you think and what your life experiences have been, he most likely doesn’t like you in a romantic sense.

If you have tried to have substantive text conversations with him in the past so as to get to know him better as a person and he has rarely been responsive to that, again, he is showing that he most likely doesn’t like you in a romantic sense.

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You may have noticed that whenever you would bring up a more substantive or serious topic, he would change that topic relatively quickly or even ignore it altogether.

You have to take all of this into account before allowing yourself to get excited over the fact that he texts you every day.

Again, this doesn’t necessarily mean that he likes you.

Determining whether there is real substance to his text messages is often what will give you a better idea as to whether he likes you or not.

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