How Do I Ask A Girl To The Dance?

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How Do I Ask A Girl To The Dance?

Simply and confidently tell her that you would like to take her to the dance.

Be simple and straightforward.

Truly be clear about your intentions and convey that sense of directness.

Some guys mistakenly over-analyze.

They have a whole bunch of questions bouncing around in their heads.

They wonder where would be the perfect place to ask her.

If she will say yes.

Whether they should give her a gift first.

If they can get her alone.

If she will give them a smirk and ignore them.

What exact words they should use.

By the time they get around to doing it, it may either be too late or they may be so nervous that they start having second thoughts.

You can’t do this.

When you overanalyze, you will overthink.

You will essentially begin to make it that much more difficult to ask her to the dance because you have thrown in so many obstacles.

You do not need the “perfect” place to ask her to the dance.

Simply ask her to the dance the next time you see her.

It doesn’t matter whether you see her at the mall, church, the grocery store, work, school, etc.

Your task is to ask her out as soon as possible so that you don’t keep doubting yourself and also, so that you don’t lose the opportunity.

This is what often happens.

A guy is so nervous to ask a particular girl to the dance that he waits.

As he waits, he continues to have doubtful thoughts about the venture.

Will she say yes?

Where is the perfect place to do it?

When is the perfect moment during a conversation with her to ask her out?

He will continue to create these questions in his head and time is passing by.

He is in essence, wasting time.

You know what is happening while you are wasting time?

There are other guys asking her out.

Yes, exactly, other guys moving in on the territory that you should have claimed weeks ago.

You know what she will eventually do as these other guys are asking her out to the dance?

She will eventually say yes to one of them.

While you were playing mental tennis with your own thoughts, she was being asked out to the dance by assertive guys and now she has said yes to one of them.

Your opportunity is now gone and possibly gone forever.

Don’t allow yourself to be that guy who regrets not asking the girl out to the dance.

This will only make you regret and question yourself. Hence, the best way to ask her out to the dance is to ask her now and be direct.

Simply tell her with confidence that you would like to take her out to the dance.

At that point, she will decide whether she wants the same.

The less complicated you make this, the easier it will be for you to ask her and for her to give you an unfiltered response.

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