How Do I Ask A Girl To The Dance?

How Do I Ask A Girl To The Dance?

Walk up to her with confidence and ask to take her to the dance.

Being this direct, keeps you from talking yourself into trouble.

Stick to the intention, which is to take her to the dance.

Some guys mistakenly overanalyze, when it comes to asking a girl to the dance.

A whole bunch of questions bounce around in their heads.

Where is the perfect place to ask her?

What specific words are best to use?

Is she saying yes or no?

Does he need to give her a gift first?

How does he get her alone?

By the time the guy decides to ask her to the dance, it is either too late or they are so nervous that they have second thoughts and procrastinate.

Don’t do this.

When you overanalyze, you overthink.

Overthinking is fraught with doubtful thoughts by their nature, leaving you terrified to ask her to the dance.

The perfect place to ask her to the dance doesn’t exist.

Ask her to the dance the next time you see her.

It doesn’t matter whether you see her at the mall, church, the grocery store, work, school, etc.

Your task is to ask her to the dance as soon as possible so that you don’t keep doubting yourself and additionally, so that you don’t lose the opportunity.

A guy who gets too caught up in his thoughts, waits to ask her to the dance.

As he waits, the doubtful thoughts persist and grow.

Meanwhile, time is passing by.

He is wasting time.

You know what is happening while you are wasting time?

There are other guys asking her to the dance.

Yes, exactly, other guys moving in on the girl you want to take to the dance.

You know what she eventually does as these other guys are asking her to the dance?

She says yes to one of them.

While you were playing mental tennis with your own thoughts, she was being asked to the dance by assertive guys and now she has said yes to one of them.

Your moment is now gone and gone forever.

Such regret.

Don’t overthink it.

Ask her to the dance now.


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