I Really Like A Girl But She Is Always Surrounded By Her Friends. How Can I Go About Getting Her Alone And Asking Her Out?

Use your own friends as your wingmen, having them tag along as you approach this girl who is always surrounded by her friends.

I Really Like A Girl But She Is Always Surrounded By Her Friends. How Can I Go About Getting Her Alone And Asking Her Out?These wingmen have the duty of chatting and socializing with other members of her group.

While you are all participating in discussion, her friends are distracted by your friends.

This is where you focus on talking to this girl that you like in the group.

Since your friends are occupying her friends in conversation, it is a perfect time to ask her out while you have her undivided attention.

Something else to do is watch her schedule.

A moment to ask her out is greater when you know her schedule.

By observing her from day to day, you familiarize yourself with her schedule.

There are moments when she is alone and isn’t surrounded by her friends.

A moment when she is walking down the hallway to class, headed to the company breakroom, having a smoke or phone break, or stopping by the nearby vending machine to pick out a snack.

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Observe her and familiarize these moments.

Seize these moments to ask her out while her friends aren’t surrounding her.

Another option is to befriend one or two of her friends.

Talk to those friends and give them an opportunity to get to know you to some degree.

While out and about and you see her friends, don’t ignore them.

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Do talk to them and show them your warm personality.

As those friends familiarize themselves with you, they catch you walking by their group one day and invite you in.

They introduce you to this girl that is in the group who you desperately want to ask out, but they don’t know that.

Leaving a good impression on them seduces them into liking you.

Now that they like you, on a social occasion where they notice that you are paying particular attention to their friend, they talk among themselves and leave you two to it without interruption.

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It pays to get her friends to like you.

They are not going to be overly protective of their friend while you are around.

Girls are protective of their girlfriends when boys they don’t know are around and talking to one or more of them.

In your case, you broke through that barrier thanks to the time you spent building rapport with the friends of this girl.

With her friends giving the both of you space, this is the time to ask this girl out.

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All these methods are effective in getting to ask her out, but never ignore another relevant ingredient.


Girls love guys who are confident.

A major plus.

There is no point going through the trouble of breaking through and asking her out when you come off as scared or unsure of yourself.

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She is turned off by this and you have wasted your time.

Follow one or all of these methods to talk to her and ask her out, prioritizing confidence when you present yourself.

What you say is relevant, but the aura you give off as a confident guy is just as conducive to impressing her.

Use both to your advantage.

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